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»Media Poetry: An International Anthology«

Kac, Eduardo, ed. Media Poetry: An International Anthology. 2 th ed.Bristol: intellect, 2007.
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A 7-minute, single-channel digital videopoem (edition of 5). This work takes language into a domain of trance where the subtle dissolution and reconfi...


When viewers logged on they first saw a black screen. Then, a small white rectangle appeared in the middle of the screen. Slowly, vertical bars descen...


When viewers logged on, the first saw the letter C on the lower right corner of the screen. The letter A appeared above the C, followed by a series of...


Videotext (minitel) animated poem shown online in the group exhibition Brazil High-Tech (1986), a national videotext art gallery organized in Rio de ...


Reabracadabra, 1985 - Videotext animated poem shown in 1985 in the group exhibition Arte On-Line, a national videotext art gallery presented by Compan...

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*1962, Artist