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»Mind is a Leaking Rainbow«

Stenger, Nicole. Mind is a Leaking Rainbow In Cyberspace: First Steps, edited by Michael L. Benedikt. Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press, 1991.
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A revolutionary Poetry Book, programmed in Web Based VRML and conceived for immersion.


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"DYNASTY" is Stenger's third Virtual Reality movie, programmed for web-based VRML, but also conceived for immersion.



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"CHAMBERS" is Stenger's second movie in the Virtual Reality TRILOGY, programmed in web-based VRML, it was also conceived for immersion.


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"ETERNAL SHELVES" is Stenger's first Web Based VR work programmed in early VRML 1.0, silent and un-animated.


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The First Immersive Virtual Reality Movie.


"ANGELS" was conceived at MIT & developed at the Hitlab in Seattle. It was completed in December 1991 and...

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