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»Arbeiten 2004-2006: Works 2004-2006«

Kargl, Michael and Carlos Katastrofsky. Arbeiten 2004-2006: Works 2004-2006. Norderstedt: Books on Demand, 2007.
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With common video formats, almost 17 million different colours can theoretically be represented on the screen today. If these are shown all at once, a...


Every day we have to make decisions. These are decisions between affirmation and negation, between yes and no, between 1 and 0. The path is a long one...


Only through two narrow slots white endless paper slides through abrown box, at least every ten minutes a message appears:"No communication on this ch...


Generative art "en plain air": In four squares appearing on the computer screen the viewers of remote impressionist art (2006) see cutouts from heaven...


shellscript on custom made computer

white standard typography on black background


In short intervals, a text sequence appears on the screen of a ...

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