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»Selection from an Interview with Ashok Sukuraman«

Sukuraman, Ashok. Selection from an Interview with Ashok Sukuraman In Cinema of Prayoga, edited by Karen Mirza and Brad Butler. London, UK:, 2006.
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COLAB Art and Architecture, Bangalore

Two-person show with Christoph Schäfer, who lives and works in Hamburg, Germany.


Not long ago, architectur...


This work involved a rewiring of Block 72E, which used to be a dental centre in Tanglin military medical camp. About 4 years ago the plug was finally...


Church of St. Gregory the Illuminator, Hill Street, Singapore 2006.

In 1909 the Armenian Church of St Gregory the Illuminator was the first building ...


The Savant Guard is a public art commission for the city of Pasadena, California. Since its opening in July 2006 it is one of the few outdoor, publicl...


Elgin Talkies is a 110-year old theatre in Shivaji Nagar. This electrical installation, mostly held up with cellotape and binding wire and reconfigure...


There are many ways to "locate" a city, and oneself within it. One way is to distance oneself from it - to look it up in an atlas, a picture, or to go...


Windscreen is an experimental, wind-driven physical interface, 2001.

Any physical scale habitable by the human body is also "inhabited" by massive le...

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