World-Wide Video Festival

Festival Organizer, Video Festival
The Hague
Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Stedejlik Museum, Busan ​​Bienniale, Michaels Gallery in Cape Town, Prince of Wales Museum in Bombay and Trienniale in Milan.

The Organisor World Wide has presented its media art festivals from 1982 - 2004 (22 editions in total). World Wide was an international platform where artists, often for the first time in an international context, presented their work. The festival included the presentation of various forms of media art: installation, single screen (video, film, net-art, game, CD-ROM) and performance. The exhibitions and presentations took place at various locations, including the Haags Gemeente Museum, the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and the Melkweg in Amsterdam. A catalog appeared at every edition of the festival.


World Wide also initiated numerous new works by, among others, Michal Rovner, Stefaan Decostere, General Idea, Atsushi Ogata, Eder Santos, Minette Vari. Parts of the festival were shown at a wide range of international locations such as the Pusan ​​Bienale, the Michaels Gallery in Cape Town, the Prince of Wales Museum in Bombay and the Trienale in Milan.

Over the years, an extensive collection has been built up that consists of both installations and video tapes. The collection was digitized.


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Single-Screen Media Art