Ars Numerica

Art Centre

Merged with mascene nationale in 2013.

[ars] numerica is a center dedicated to the digital arts that relies on human and technological skills. With this experience, [ars] numerica pursues a commitment that is organized around three priorities: artistic creation and dissemination, training and research in industry, cultural actions whose involvement is local, national and international. .


[ars] numerica is first and foremost a place for artists wishing to share know-how and carry out multimedia projects. Sharing the knowledge of everyone goes hand in hand with the desire to transmit and the desire to spread. Place of consultation for artists and art theorists, with a large media library, [ars] numerica also offers exhibition spaces in which the public has already been able to visit some beautiful proposals (Intrusions 0-1, Primers short). Its links with the university, artistic scenes, cultural associations, etc. make the project proposed by [ars] numerica a space both focused on creation and open to pluricultural practices. If the digital arts are to be thought of locally and internationally, it is because they concern not only the world of art, but also the social and cultural actors and the industrial and scientific world who question themselves on their relevance to the margins of creation.


The mutualisation of all the artistic disciplines of live performance, audiovisual, computer science and networks is inseparable from a reflection on the transdisciplinarity implied by the use of these new tools and new scenes, large and small. Thus, creation is associated with training courses (immersions 2005) to establish a dialogue between artists, technicians and theorists of digital arts and to assess the technological and human advances related to these new tools.

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