The Millennium Dialogue - The First Beijing International New Media Arts Exhibition and Symposium

China Millennium Museum (Beijing, China), Bejing
EXHIBITION The Millennium Dialogue's phase one exhibition "Leading the Edge" is comprised of selected faculty and student works from invited academic and research institutions in China and abroad. Works in the exhibition include sensor-based interactive installations, sound environments, performances, and network-enabled projections in addition to animation, broadcast design, and 2D and 3d computer graphic pieces. Showcasing the creative energy and innovative spirit of these institutions, the works manifest highly original artistic accomplishment and academic excellence. SYMPOSIUM Focusing on academic exchange in regards to new media arts education and dissemination, this year’s symposium will revolve around four distinctive yet interrelated subjects with keynote speeches addressing the historical and current status of new media arts education and practice: The four focal areas are as follows: 1. Synergy – New Media as an Incubator for Interdisciplinary Curricula Development and New Social Spaces. 2. Meaningful Technologies. 3. Methodology and Multiplicity – Models of New Media Education 4. Dissemination as Education. Each main section will be followed by a panel discussion to allow for direct engagement with the audience. The symposium aims at a rigorous dialogue among the participants and audience in order to create a constructive and meaningful platform to further excellence in new media arts education.
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