Micro Arts Group - Computer Arts Archive/EVA, BCS Moorgate London

British Computer Society Moorgate, London
Exhibition of 20 Micro Arts Group prints, including generative art from Geoff Davis and Martin Rootes, and a story generator by Geoff Davis. The print magazine was also shown, which had the first ever view of Quantel art, by French artist Michèle Gauthier Carr-Brown. It was a travelling version of the larger Leicester exhibition in 2021. At the EVA conference at BCS Moorgate the Computer Arts Archive gave an overview of the last year's acquisitions. They also discussed future plans.There was an opportunity to see the Micro Arts Group exhibition at BCS Moorgate. For online attendees, there was a live exhibition walkthrough. In-person places are limited.A POAP, digital badge of attendance, was issued. This was POAP first use by the BCS and CAS/CAA.
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