Victor Acevedo - Digital Art Retrospective: 1985-2019

Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, Los Angeles
On the occasion of this exhibition, Acevedo updated his artist statement. It was quite brief but yet an articulate recapitulation of the enduring core values of his work. It spoke to the deep and long artistic journey he had traveled to this point. In a way it also hints at things to come.Victor: The look and sensibility of my work derives from an on-going commitment to practice visual perception filtered or sensed through a reference to polyhedral structure. The real-time apprehension of the topological coordinates of interconnected densities in the field [of view] facilitates an expressive rendering of the natural energetic resonance present even in the most prosaic of scenes. My goal is to provide visual artifacts such that a viewer, end-user or participant may augment the conceptions and perceptions they bring with them.
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