Creating Landscapes and Gardens

Mûcsarnok / Kunsthalle Budapest, Budapest
The landscape which contains and surrounds us is the creation of the human community. The garden is nature created by man, a thought created about the world, which appears through human will, is tended and in time, with the transformation of the thought, dissolves in accordance with the laws of nature. The landscape conceals within it everything that belongs to nature, to the live and living organism and in constant motion between life and death, it develops, is transformed, comes into being, is created. It bears the characteristics of man and humanity - the development of humanity's consciousness and the imprint of man's social relationships. It has individuality. Its fate has a history.Pictures. Portraits. Reflections. The past is comprised of them. And in the picture of the present lies the possibility of the future. The face of the landscape, the picture of the garden, is connected with us, with people - the way we live, think, feel and act. A picture in which we ourselves move and into which is woven the history of our fate.The exhibition is about the inseparable relationship between man and nature, the landscape and society, the Earth and the Sky.
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