Eurpean Media Art Festival 2008: Identity

EMAF-European Media Art Festival, Osnabrück
In 2008, the 21st EMAF explored personal identity in a globalised world. How will the advance of digital technologies change all areas of private and public life? Identity is always a contemporary issue, concerning all areas of society. In everyday life, we all have a virtual or data-based identity, starting with paying by card, having computer passwords at home and at work, through to placing orders on the internet. Even young people consider it normal to possess a digital identity. After all, virtually all pupils are now members of virtual communities where they chat or exchange homework.The accompanying exhibition “Young Identities – Global Youth” put forward ideas and views on realities in various continents and cultures.The Austrian avant-garde filmmaker Kurt Kren, who experimented with 8 and 16mm films as early as in the 1950s, was introduced in the retrospective.
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