European Media Art Festival 1994

EMAF-European Media Art Festival, Osnabrück
By 1994, EMAF had already evolved into one of the largest annual events for innovative experimental works in the areas of film, video and interactive projects. Compared to the created reality of television and the colourful media design of digital everyday worlds, Media Art had occupied a position of critical distance and innovative experiment, as presented by EMAF and its programmes.This year, the selection committee for the film programme noticed a trend towards highly personal subjects, whereby social and political conflicts were explored from a very individual perspective or put into a personal context, which sounded out the very last taboos. The retrospective was not only about the development of Polish avant-garde film in the 1930s, but also about films produced by Jozef Robakowski and Oscar winner Zbigniew Rybczynski. EMAF also presented works by and with the American performance artist Jack Smith. Under the motto "Surfing the Internet", information and workshops addressing the online world were offered.
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