Tweak Exhibition

Tweak, Limerick
Digital technology has become a medium that has redefined the arts broadening horizons and changing practices. The works in this exhibition explore interactivity and the possibilities opened up by multimedia and electronic technologies to create immersive experiences while bringing physicality and play to the digital medium. These interactive installations and sculptures have the unique ability to change and respond to the presence of a viewer and engage an audience in physical interaction via unexpected narratives. This year’s exhibition showcases a range of experimental objects from international artists. These works not only provide a platform for collective exchange between viewer and the artwork but also call for invention, which connects with real complicated pleasures of the human senses and the curious mind. These objects are the products of non-linear thinking where technologically enhanced artifacts trigger a play with senses. Going beyond the realm of mere possibilities and technical prowess the artists here demonstrate fascinating objects that reveal technology’s true language, physical qualities and stunning beauty.These artists visualize personal and social issues by providing alternate perspectives and expand our understanding of technology and what it can achieve. Beyond the technologies themselves, the attitudes and motivations of the artists featured, their search for meaning, quality represents a broader societal phenomenon and aspirations of a new generation of artists.
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