transmediale.07 unfinish!

Transmediale, Berlin
The 20th transmediale festival again explores how art and society are changing under the influence of media and technologies which become more and more dominant in our everyday lives. In contemporary art, digital media like video and electronic networks are now so wide-spread that a strict definition of what constitutes ‘media art’ seems no longer possible. We have therefore decided to alter the subtitle of the festival: transmediale is no longer called ‘international media art festival’, but ‘festival for art and digital culture’. This name is supposed to demonstrate the step away from the niche of ‘media art’, yet still points to the field of tension between culture and digital technologies, which continues to form the main driving force of the festival. The 20th transmediale festival runs under the theme 'unfinish!' unfinish! demands the re-opening of processes that are deemed closed. unfinish! questions finality and claims that any given situation is full of potential. unfinish! investigates artistic processes that are open to change and reversal of decisions. unfinish! is the battle cry and the curse of digital work that knows no conclusion, but only consecutive versions. A paradigm of digital culture? (source:
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