ISEA 1998 [The Ninth International Symposium on Electronic Arts]

ISEA International, Rotterdam
Developments in new technologies appear to be revolutionising every aspect of our daily lives. The metaphors of 'revolution' are often applied to the speed of exponential change that the world is experiencing, in part through developments in computing and its applications. ISEA98 will seek to unpack the metaphors of revolution. It is appropriate that we do so in the north west of England as many new metaphors relating to technology [speed, progress] have been appropriated and reworked from the experience of the First Industrial Revolution which had Manchester at its centre and Liverpool as its trading heart. ISEA98: REVOLUTION will be staged in Liverpool and Manchester. It will consist of one conference with two strands set in two locations. Alongside this, a major series of exhibitions, entertainments and events will take place in many of the leading visual and performing arts venues in each city. Liverpool will identify, explore, assert and critique ideas and metaphors associated with the theme 'REVOLUTION'. Manchester will stage 'THE TERROR' in which these ideas, concerns and assertions will be dissected, deconstructed and re- ordered. The conference will conclude with an electronic global summit in Manchester. (source:
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