Blue Stage

House of World Cultures, Berlin
Sound, film, music, photography and images, text: the Blue Stage interactive installation presents an innovative model for the multimedia representation of cultural themes. Here, new kinds of interaction of between man and networked knowledge are tried out. The visitor can navigate flexibly - without any burdensome virtual helmet or tactile gloves - through the space while putting his own individual programme of information together. Complex relationships are not presented as a mere flood of data. Blue Stage is the prototype for and first installation of the Blue Space project, a large, long-term multimedia exhibition at the House of World Cultures. Networked with "Sister Spaces" on other continents, and with European and international cultural institutions and museums, Blue Space is planned to grow into an interactive encyclopedia of world cultures. Blue Stage shows new aspects of the urbanism theme, going beyond town planning and architecture. Using developments in Montpellier, Berlin and Copenhagen, the three partner cities in the European Community project, examples are given of how culture and migration are now key factors in the development of cities. The Mediterranean region is where there is currently a new, notable departure taking place in terms of dance, theatre and music. Blue Stage outlines these tendencies just as it does the socio-cultural urban development as well as those concrete urban measures currently taking form in Montpellier, Berlin and Copenhagen. (source: Newletter Haus der Kulturen der Welt 04/0)
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