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Lila Moore
, currently based: London
Affiliated institution: Alef Trust, LJMU

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Lila Moore is an artist film-maker, screen choreographer, networked performance and mixed reality creator with expertise in screen-dance and Technoetic Arts. She holds a practice-based PhD in Dance on Screen from Middlesex University (2001, UK) in the context of modern and contemporary art, experimental film, screen-dance and performance with special reference to ritual and myth. She also holds an MA in Independent Film and Video and an MPhil on the evolution of performative and screen-based art forms from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London. The Cybernetic Futures Institute is based on her postdoc at the Planetary Collegium of Plymouth University, completed in 2015. It is a networked platform exploring technoetic arts, emphasising the spiritual-mystical and occult in art, film, screen-dance, and networked-digital-interactive forms of performance and narrative.
Lila Moore’s body of work evolved from her early multimedia performances and experimental film and video in the 1980s-1990s to choreography for the camera and the screen in the late 199os. Her exploration of liminal characters, space-time, and noetic states of consciousness has led her to practice cyber-performance and coin the concepts of Networked Rites and Noetic Fields Weaving.
Lila Moore is a theorist and lecturer. She writes on digital art, film, culture and new technologies in the context of technoetic arts, modern and contemporary spiritualities, mysticism, consciousness studies and transpersonal psychology. She has presented many papers at academic conferences such as EVA London, SIGGRAPH 2020 and Consciousness Reframed.
Lila Moore regularly participates in international, juried and curated exhibitions. She also curates the White Empathy Box online gallery and is a member of White Page Gallery/s and FEMeeting: Women in Art, Science and Technology. She co-chairs The Spirituality and the Arts, SASIG of the International Network for the Study of Spirituality.
Lila Moore exhibited her digital videos/artworks in various international exhibitions, screenings, and juried exhibitions by FEMeeting: Women in Art, Science and Technology and SIGGRAPH.

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