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Marcello Mercado

Archive of Digital Art (ADA). “Marcello Mercado – artist profile”. (retrieved 2022-23-01). @online{ADAartistprofile, author = {Archive of Digital Art (ADA)}, title = {Marcello Mercado artist profile}, url = {}, urldate = {retrieved 2022-23-01}
Biological theories, mathematical principles, and technology are founding elements in his work. He straddles the boundaries between video art, performance,, music, and painting. An amalgam of nuances from a world ruled by data overload.
Marcello Mercado’s work is research as practice: the artist engages with a culture of experimentation and his work spans a wide range of media of equal importance. Analogue working methods form a vital part of the artist’s work, in addition to his use of data string processing, genetic materials and advanced technologies as media, which he engages with playfully as if he were playing a keyboard. He is a poetic artist; both a transformer and seismograph, he bridges gaps between digital and organic world.

Grant at Fundación Antorchas, Buenos Aires Argentina, The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation and The Rockefeller Foundation.
The Main Prize Videofest Berlin

Grand Prix de Toutes Categories. 4a Mondial de la Video. Bruxelles, Belgium

Main Prize 22nd EKOTOPFILM’95. Bratislava. Slovak Republic;

Nominated for the best video of the year, Internationaler Videokunstpreis, Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie 
ZKM, SWF, ORF, Karlsruhe, Germany
Fellow at The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, The Rockefeller Foundation and The Lampadia Foundation
Achievement Award. Melbourne International Film & Video Festival, Australia; 

He participated in the Goethe Institutes Global Bodies, Global teleconference, 
Opening of Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie, Karlsruhe, Germany
The First Prize Videobrasil
Fellow at The Academy of Media Arts Köln, Germany
Grand Prix de La Création Vidéo. Vidéoformes, Clermont-Ferrand. France;

Wand5 – Stuttgart: Nominierungen Best Netart, 1999
Post-Production Residence in Centre International du Creation Vidéo Pierre Schaeffer Montbéliard Belfort France;

Wie mann sieht…Museum Ludwig, Cologne; curated by Siegfried Zielinski and Jürgen Klauke

La Biennale di Venezia, Special Projects: Bunker Poético, curated by Marco Rotelli

Premio Konex, Buenos Aires, Argentina
The First Prize Videobrasil
Nominated at The 50 Best, International\Media\Art\Award 2004, by Zentrum für Kunst und Medien Technologie, ZKM
His work “Das Kapital” was selected in the exhibition “40 Years Videoart Germany” by Zentrum für Kunst und Medien Technologie. Karlsruhe. Germany;

Honorary Mention, Prix Ars Electronica in Interactive Art
Grant for Media Art from the Foundation of Lower Saxony at the Edith-Russ-Haus for Media Art

Grant from the Digital Synesthesia Group, Department of Digital Art, University of Applied Arts, Vienna, Austria 


Potential Spaces. Staatliche Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe (HfG).
Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie (ZKM). Karlsruhe. Germany
CiTR FM 101.9 Radio Vancouver, Vancouver, Canada

In Medias Res, Bernet – Bertram Galerie, Berlin
Digital Synesthesia, Angewandte Innovation Lab (AIL) 
The University of
Applied Arts Vienna 
Vienna, Austria
Digital Synesthesia, ISEA, Hong Kong
Bodenlos / Groundless, Vilém Flusser und die Künste,
DOX Centre for Contemporary Art, Prag
CiTR FM 101.9 Radio Vancouver, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Bodenlos / Groundless, Vilém Flusser und die Künste, ZKM | Zentrum für
Kunst und Medientechnologie; Akademie der Künste, Berlin
European Media Art Festival, EMAF, Osnabrück, Germany
Imago Mundi. Luciano Benetton Collection, 
Mappa dell’arte nuova,

Fondazione Giorgio Cini,
Venice, Italy
XWRA Video and Media Festival 2015, 
XWRA, Artland, 
Bienal Internacional de Performance BP.15, Buenos Aires, Argentina
roBOt Festival, Bologna, Italia
CiTR FM 101.9 Radio Vancouver, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Bio·Fiction Science Art Film Festival, Museum of Natural History, Vienna, Austria
Bio·Fiction at the Ars Electronica Center, Linz, Austria
MACBA, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Buenos Aires
Kunstfrühling 2014, Bremen, Germany
Time is love.7 :
PHOTON - Centre for Contemporary Photography, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Pink Gallery, Seoul, South Korea
Gallery Talmart, Paris, France
The invisible Line Gallery, London, UK
40 Años de Videoarte alemán Parte2: Regrabación!, Museo de Arte del Banco de la República, Bogotá, Colombia
CiTR FM 101.9 Radio Vancouver, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

GLITCH, Run Computer Run, Curated by Nora O Murchú, Rua Red, Dublin, Ireland
Región 0 The Latino Video Art Festival of New York, New York, USA
40 Years of Video Art Germany Part2: Record>Again! Goethe Institut, Córdoba, Argentina
Arranjos Experimentais - Cultura Numérica Audiovisual, Curated by Valentina Montero, Paço das Artes, São Paulo, Brasil
CiTR FM 101.9 Radio Vancouver, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria
roBOt Festival, Bologna, Italia
Provocación del blanco, Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires, Argentina
DELETE, Galería La Ira de Dios, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Record > Again! 40jahrevideokunst Deutschland, SALT Beyoglu, Istanbul, Türkiye
Premios MAMBA - Fundación Telefónica, Fundación Telefónica, Buenos Aires, Argentina
CiTR FM 101.9 Radio Vancouver, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

40 Years Videoart Germany: Goethe Institut Toulouse, France; Goethe Institut Taipei, Taiwan; Goethe Institut Bulgaria; Galerie Školská 28, Praha, Czech Republic; Nationales Kunstmuseum der Ukraine, Kiew, Ukraine; Goethe-Institut Boston, Boston, USA
Filme, Vídeo e Arte - Compartilhando Experiências, Itaú Cultural, São Paulo, Brasil
Festival Internacional de la Imagen, Universidad de Caldas, Manizales, Colombia
Low Lives3 International Fest. of live Performances, Salt Lake City, USA
Videoakt. International Videoart Biennial, Barcelona, España
Regeneration.011, Plato Art Space, Istanbul, Turkiye

Mapping M2, [galerie,bruehl], Brühl, Germany

RECORD > AGAIN! - Teil 2: 

Edith Ruß-Haus für Medienkunst Oldenburg, Deutschland
The Museum of Contemporary Art Skopje, Republic of Macedonia
Arts Santa Mònica, Barcelona, España
Bienal Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo ULA-2010, Mérida, Venezuela
V Inter-American Biennial of Video Art BID, Washington, DC, USA
Museu de Arte Moderna da Bahia Salvador, Bahia, Brasil
MAMBA. Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires. Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Museo Provincial de Bellas Artes “Timoteo E. Navarro” Tucumán, Argentina

40Jahre Videokunst Deutschland: ZKM.Zentrum für Kunst und Medien Technologie, Karlsruhe, Deutschland.
Ludwig Forum für Internationale Kunst. Aachen. Deutschland.
Kunsthaus Dresden Städtische Galerie für Gegenwartskunst, Dresden. Deutschland
Vanguardia Gallery, Bilbao, España
Edith Ruß-Haus für Medienkunst Oldenburg, Deutschland
Visionaries - Audiovisual Works in Latin America. Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía. Madrid, España
Miradas (des)Territoriales.Museo de Arte Moderno Buenos Aires. Argentina
Recorrido de obra. Museo de Arte Moderno Buenos Aires. Argentina
Visionaries - Audiovisual Works in Latin America. Museo de Arte del Banco de la República, Bogotá, Colombia.
Transitiomx, Laboratorio Arte Alameda, Del Insilio al exilio, México
Lennox Contemporary Gallery, Toronto, Canada
MIS, Museu da Imagem e do Som, Efeito Cinema, São Paulo, Brasil
55th Sydney Film Festival, Dendy Opera Quays, Sydney, Australia

Transmediale.08 Conspire ... Berlin. Germany
Centre Social i Cultural Tarragona. Tarragona. Spain
Caixa Forum. Barcelona. Spain
BLAST Kunstforum, Köln, Germany
Museo de Arte Moderno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Itaú Cultural Institute. Sao Paulo. Brasil

Cinema and Painting. Museo Nacional y Centro de Arte Reina Sofía. Madrid, Spain/ Sala Parpalló. Valencia, Spain/ Caixa Forum. Barcelona. Spain/
MACUF. Coruña, Spain
Museu de Arte Moderna da Bahia . Videobrasil, Brasil
Videoformes. Clermont-Ferrand. France
File Electronic Language International Festival. Rio de Janeiro. Brasil
Index Generator 2.2 London Candid Arts Trust. London. UK
ABC Radio National. The Night Air. Soundtransit. Sydney. Australia
Laisle.VideoNonStop. Galeria Novembroartecontemporanea. Rio de Janeiro.Brasil
Index Generator 2.2. CogCollective. London.UK
Scanners. New York Video Festival. Lincoln Center.New York. USA

Scanners. New York Video Festival. New York. USA
NERT-KG_Galerie Peripherie.Sudhaus, Tübingen. Germany
Georges Abstraction.Centre Pompidou. Paris. France
The Carnival of Creativity. India International Center New Dehli. India
La isle Entretainment, Paco das Artes and Museu Murillo La Greca. Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
EARlabs..Soundtransit. Sydney. Australia
ABC Radio National. The Night Air. Soundtransit. Sydney. Australia

Internationaler Videokunstpreis. Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie. Karlsruhe. Germany. Seoul Net Festival 2005. Korea Web Biennial 2005. Istanbul . Turkey Open Air Radiotopia. ORF Kunstradio. Vienna. Austria Phonographic Migrations #04. Transmediale Festival. Berlin. Germany Radiodays Studio broadcasting from De Appel. Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Experimenta Colombia 2005, Bogotá, Colombia

New York Video Festival. Film Society of Lincoln Center. New York
34e Festival International des musiques et créations électroniques Institut International de Musique Electroacoustique de Bourges, France
Festival Ciberart-Bilbao 2004 Toronto, Canada
Film Festival Opera House, Sydney, Australia
Public Video Art Festival Out Video Ekaterinburg, Russia Emoção Art.ficial 2.0 Sao Paulo, Brasil Belo Horizonte International Short Film Festival Brasil
Palácio das Artes. Belo Horizonte, Brasil
PRN. Kunst Klub Köln, Köln, Germany

Streams of Encounter, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei, Taiwan ChicagoFilmmakers: On Edge: New Experimental Video, Chicago
Chiangmai First New Media Art Festival, Thailand
Cleveland Performance Festival, Cleveland, USA
Videobrasil. Sao Paulo. Brasil

Radiotopia, OE1 Kunstradio, Acoustic Network, Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria Medienkunst, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin. Germany

Videobrasil, Electronic Art Biennial .Sao Paulo, Brasil
The 49th Venice Biennial .Speciale Biennale di Venezia, Bunker Poetico, Italy GND_Earth Gallery, Berlin, Germany
The Sao Paulo Cult and Arts Festival, Brasil
(media) artists Electronic Images, Institute for Technology and Arts at National Institute of the Arts Taipei, Taiwan, China and JAMAS International Academy of Media Arts and Science Ogaki City, Japan
Festival of Video/Art/Electronic, Galería de Artes Visuales, Perú

Kunst mit Fotografie und andere mediale Eskapaden: Wie man sieht... Curated by Jürgen Klauke and Siegfried Zielinski, Museo Ludwig, Köln, Germany
Tote Hunde beissen nicht, Performance, Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln, Germany
Tent Gallery, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Chicago Filmmakers, Film and Video exhibitions, Kino-Eye Cinema, Chicago, USA Biennial Interferences, Centre International de Video Creation Pierre Schaeffer, France
Art Biennial Buenos Aires Argentina, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes.
Art Cologne Internationaler Kunstmarkt.Köln, Germany

12th Stuttgart Filmwinter, Wand 5 e.V. Germany
Videoformes 99, Clermont-Ferrand, France
Berkeley Art Museum, Pacific Film Archive, California, Curated by Steve Seid New York Video Festival, Walter Reade Theater at Lincoln Center, New York Backspace, Holding up resistance, London.UK Volcano’99, Videofestival, London, UK
Golem Videofestival 1999 2nd edition, Galleria Civica d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, Torino, Italy
Ciclo de Arte Electrónico, Museo de Arte Moderno, Buenos Aires, Argentina
En Torno a la Acción, Museo de Arte Moderno, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Bienal de Video y Artes Electrónicas de Santiago, Santiago, Chile
4th Muestra Euroamericana de Artes Visuales, Buenos Aires, Argentina Performances: Politik and Ohne, Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln, Germany
II Biennial of Mercosul: Art and Technology, Porto Alegre, Río Grande do Sul, Brasil
Podewil: Transmediale präsentiert-Inmedia talk/show, Berlin, Germany
1st Medi@terranean, Balkan Art and Technology Festival

16th World Wide Video Festival, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands Arco ’98, Arco Electrónico ‘98.Madrid, España
12th Videobrasil Electronic Art International Festival, Sao Paulo, Brasil
3rd Split Festival of New Film, Croatia
Festival de Vídeo de Navarra - Nafarroako Bideo Jaialdia, Ars Interruptus - Net Goethe Institute Córdoba, Video Art and Performance
Poevisioni Elettroniche, Facoltá di Lingue e Letterature Straniere, Bergamo, Italy

Goethe Institutes Global Bodies Event. ZKM Opening, Global Teleconference, On-line Event, Karlruhe, Buenos Aires,Boston, Helsinki, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, Madrid, México DF, Moscu, New Delhi, San Francisco, Sidney Tokio, Wellington.
Transmediale Videofest, Breaking the Borders, Hackesche Höfe Cinema, Berlin, Germany
4ª Mostra de Video Independent & Fenómens interactius, Centre de Cultura Contemporania de Barcelona, España
Feria Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo, ARCO ‘97. Madrid, España Stuttgarter Filmwinter, Wand 5 e.V. Filmwinter 97 Programm, Stuttgart, Germany
Videonale 7, Bonn, Germany
3e Manifestation Internationale Vidéo et Art Électronique, Móntreal, Champ Libre, Canada

Transmediale Videofest, Volksbüne Theater, Berlin, Germany
ISEA ‘96. Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Landesgalerie am Oberösterreichischen. Landesmuseum Francisco-Calorinum Reihevideokunst, Videopolitik, Linz, Austria, curated by Gottfried Hattinger
3ª Mostra de Video Independent, Centro de Cultura Contemporánia de Barcelona, España
14th World Wide Video Festival, The Netherlands
Edinburgh’s Eleventh Fringe Film & Video Festival, Scotland

Videowall, Rockefeller Center, MoMa, New York
Internationaler Videokunstpreis, ZKM.Karlsruhe, Germany
9th Annual Leeds International Film Festival, Leeds, United Kindom
13º Kasseler Dokumentarfilm und Videofest, Kassel, Germany
The 6th International Animation Festival in Japan, Hiroshima, Japan
13th World Wide Video Festival, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
ISEA ‘95 Montréal, Canadá
FIPA, Festival International de Programmes Audiovisuels, Nice, France
22nd International Festival Ekotopfilm ‘95.Bratislava, Slovak Republic International Festival Electronie D’Arte e Altre Scritture, Rome, Italy
Athens International Film and Video Festival.Ohio, USA
Worldfest Houston, The Houston International Film Festival, USA

Sur del Cono Sur, La Station d’Heure Exquise! Mons en Baroeul, France Videonale 4 Bonn, Germany Kasseler Dokumentarfilm und Videofest.Kassel, Germany
4e Mondial de la Video. Bruselas, Belgique
Dallas Video Festival, Dallas Museum of Art, USA
Balai Seni Lukis Negara National Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen, Germany
Videofest, Berlin, Germany
Tampere Film Festival, Finland
Taormina Arte, Ressegna Internazionale di Cinema-Teatro-Música, Italy
Goethe Institut, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Scars-Pleasure+Sacrifice, Video Screening, The Permanent Mission of Colombia to The United Nations and The Consulate General of Argentina in New York, USA 36th International Film Festival of San Francisco, USA
International Film and Video Festival of London, UK

Exhibitions & Events
Exhibition :
Ludwig Forum Aachen
Participating Artist
Festival :
Participating Artist
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