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Jaromil Rojo

Archive of Digital Art (ADA). “Jaromil Rojo – artist profile”. (retrieved 2015-17-02). @online{ADAartistprofile, author = {Archive of Digital Art (ADA)}, title = {Jaromil Rojo artist profile}, url = {}, urldate = {retrieved 2015-17-02}
Jaromil, a free software programmer, performer and emigrant, is the author and maintainer of the GNU GPL'd softwares MuSE, FreeJ and Hasciicam, which allow audio streaming and real-time video manipulation, and of the live distribution dyne:bolic GNU/Linux, a whole operating system running directly from a CD, shaped as a slick toolkit for active media production.
Inspired by the "Free and Open Source" empowering ethics, Jaromil seeks to cross borders between art, code and social activism. With his research he tries to overcome existing restrictions and borders, whether economic, social or scientific. Taking an alternative stance to 'profit and power' oriented apparatuses, he is strongly engaged in building networks as a means of sharing tools—choosing to view knowledge as a dialogical and non-hierarchical process. By channelling personal insights into cooperative action, he shows a deep understanding for the problems of our time and possible solutions.

2009 Vilem Flusser Award, Transmediale, Berlin
2002 Intermedium Award for implementing the software for SophisticatedSoiree, ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany
2000 Founder of
1994 Co-founder of non-profit organisation Metro Olografix

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