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Toni Dove

Archive of Digital Art (ADA). “Toni Dove – artist profile”. (retrieved 2013-21-08). @online{ADAartistprofile, author = {Archive of Digital Art (ADA)}, title = {Toni Dove artist profile}, url = {}, urldate = {retrieved 2013-21-08}
Toni Dove has produced unique and highly imaginative embodied hybrids of film, installation art and experimental theater. In her work, performers and participants interact with an unfolding narrative, using interface technologies such as motion sensing and laser harp to “perform” on-screen avatars. Her work had been presented in the United States, Europe and Canada as well as in print and on radio and television. Dove has received numerous grants and awards including support from the Rockefeller Foundation, the Greenwall Foundation, the Langlois Foundation, New York State Council on the Arts, National Endowment for the Arts, New York Foundation for the Arts, The LEF Foundation, MediaThe Foundation, and the Eugene McDermott Award in the Arts from M.I.T. (

2001 Langlois Foundation Grant, Canada
2001 New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship
2001 Rockefeller Foundation MAP Grant
2000 - 2003 appointment on the Government Advisory Committee on Information Technology and Creativity, Computer Science and Telecommunications Board, National Research Council , USA
2000 Rockefeller Foundation MAP Grant
2000 Greenwall Foundation Grant
2000 New York State Council on the Arts Media Grant
1997 New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship
1997 Eugene McDermott Award, M.I.T.
1994 NYSCA Media Project Grant, New York
1993 Canada Council Media Grant / for Archeology of a Mother Tongue, together with Michael Mackenzie
1993 Artist in Residence, Harvestworks Inc., New York
1992 Virtual Worlds Residency, The Banff Centre for the Arts, Alberta
National Endowment for the Arts Multidisciplinary Grant

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