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Roy Ascott
* 1934, currently based: Beijing
Affiliated institution: Beijing DeTao Masters Academy

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Roy Ascott is one of the most important artists and theorists in the field of cybernetics and telematics. His work focuses on the impact of digital and telecommunications networks on consciousness. Since the 1960s, he has been a practitioner of interactive computer art, electronic art, cybernetic and telematic art. Frank Popper assumed that Roy Ascott was among the first artists to launch an appeal for total spectator participation.
He studied Fine Art at King's College, University of Durham under Victor Pasmore and Richard Hamilton, and Art History under Lawrence Gowing and Quentin Bell in the 1950s. After graduation he thaught at Ealing Art College, Ontario College of Art and Design, San Francisco Art Institute, University of Applied Arts Vienna and University of Wales, Newport where he established the Centre for Advanced Inquiry in the Interactive Arts. He established the Planetary Collegium at Plymouth University in 2003 and has advised new media arts organisations in Brazil, Japan, Korea, Europe and North America, as well as UNESCO. Ascott was an International Commissioner for the XLII Venice Biennale of 1986 (Planetary Network and Laboratorio Ubiqua). He is the founding president of the Planetary Collegium an advanced research center which he set up in 2003 at the University of Plymouth, UK, where he is Professor of Technoetic Arts. In March 2012 he was appointed De Tao Master of Technoetic Arts with The Beijing DeTao Masters Academy (DTMA), a high-level, multi-disciplined, application-oriented higher education institution in Shanghai, China.

2012 Nominated De Tao Master of Technoetic Arts at the De Tao Masters Academy (DTMA)
2011 Received the World Universities Forum Award
2003 - 2007 Adjunct Professor at the University of California in Los Angeles
2003 Founded the University of Plymouth’s Planetary Collegium (former Centre for Advanced Inquiry in the Interactive Arts)
2003 Founding President of the Planetary Collegium and Professor of Technoetic Arts at the University of Plymouth
2003 Founding President of the Planetary Collegium and Professor of Technoetic Arts at the University of Plymouth
1994 - 2003 Professor and Founding Director at the University of Wales College
1986 - 1993 Professor of Communications Theory at Vienna's University of Applied Arts
1986 Curator at the 42nd Biennale in Venice
1974 - 1975 Professor at the Minneapolis College of Art & Design
1968 - 1971 Visiting Lecturer at Slade School of Fine Art at the University College in London
1964 - 1967 Head of the Department of Fine Art at the Suffolk Ipswich Civic College
1959 - 1961 Studio Demonstrator at King’s College at the University of Durham
1955 - 1959 Student of Fine Art and Art History at King's College at the University of Durham
1953 - 1955 Officer in the Fighter Command at the Royal Air Force (RAF)
Born on October 26th in Bath
Born on October 26th 1934 in Bath

Exhibitions & Events
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