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Artist multimedia. Nathalie Fougeras is a french-swedish artist working with multimedia art Media Art.


Nathalie Fougeras


Artist, multimedia artist and performance artist who works in cross media projects between installation, sound art and composition.
Sound Art Folkhögskolan Sverige ; Post-diplom Fine Art and Digital Art ARI ENSAD Paris ; Phd Fine Art and Intermedia Art from Paris 8 University & Paris 1-Sorbonne.

Artworks / Exhibition / Live

2016-2017 Qvist collection, a sound art work for the Härnösand Konsthall Sweden.
2016 Video performance, live Nymus live festival in Sverige
2015 From foot to head, live Nymus live festival in Sverige
2014 Organiska Rum, artwork process, with National funding Kulturbryggan/ Konstnärnamnden with partnership of the Länsmuseet Murberget Västernorrland.
2014 Soundwork in Technicus (part of the) Alfons Åberg utställning, Härnösand.
2014 Soundwork ”birds” in the Yngve Forsberg retrospektivt exhibition KKVH Sweden.
2014 Grafic photographies "Lichen", collective work with the belgian artist Olivier Vanderaa, Sambiblioteket Härnösand.
2013 Animation «  syrien  », Kontainers under Härnösand city Konsthall.
2013 Live på Dubbel Radio project, Konsthall C Stockholm.
2013 Solo ehxibitoion "Skogslag", KKVH gallery, Sweden.
2012 Video & digital photographies, collective exhibition, Grafiska galleriet Stockholm.
2012 Sound Art installation «  Tempos  » in the Art Center for "Eté des Arts", CRAC Bourgogne France.
2011 Digital photo & textil exhibition "Proteiform", Kulturbygden Västernorrland Sweden.
2011 Solo exhibition «  Homeroom  », Gallery Saffir, Marseille France.
2010 Sound art video " IMYou" in «  Mouv'art  » Expos Marseille, France.
2010 Digital print "Appelproj" in Saffir gallery, Marseille France.
2009 Video sound "Double_skin" collective exhibition Ahlbergshallen Östersund Sweden.
Since 2009 Artist-run-gallery project under 6 years "Lab-galleri" in Sweden Västernorrland.
2008 Live "double_skin" in European Sound Delta in the Digital Center Imal Brussels Belgie.
2008 Live performance with AOM group in "optofonica: Crosswire" Nederlands Instituut voor Mediakunst, Amsterdam.
2008 «  What is this breast?  » Interactive live (sound and video), in Digital Center Imal Brussels.
2008 Intervention in the live of the "successtodayinbeauty" from Pascale Barret in Bissectine Woluculture Brussels Belgie.
2007-2008 Internet performance in/with the internationella group "aether9" (Mapping Festival Geneva, Switzerland, 3-4-5 maj 2007, Videomedeja 2007 Novi Sad, 14 december 2007, i Stream på imal på dig, Bryssels. 2008 funding from the Schweiz federal culture.
2007 Live performance "Genetiska Laptop Orchestra Live" Imal in Brussels Belgie.
2006 trans-web, Internet artproject presented in the Magda Danysz gallery, guest by the curator La Paris.
2006 Video in process in the "protocoles meta", Palais de Tokyo Paris.
2005 Webcamera performance "Break" in the Artivistic Festival Montreal, Canada.
2004 Interactive installation "Ghost" in "Zone Resistance" Saint Denis, France.
2003 Live show animation, with the sociolog Christophe Bertossi in the "Trans-Europe Express" symposium, Birmingham, Great Britain.
2003 Multimedia Live (video and sensor, screen), Brussels Belgie.
2002 Interactiv video "Gesture" in Geneva Switzerland.
2002 Interaktiv video "Walk_Walk" in Vidéochroniques archive Marseille, France.
2002 Interaktiv video in situ "Hello sugar!" in the "Cité de la Culture", Paris.
2001 Interactive video sound "Self portrait", festival "Vidéoformes", France.
1999 Video installation "Intimacy", organised by the CAACenter Aix-en-Provence, France.
1995 Short movie "Fragment", collective presentation, gallery Donguy, Paris.


2014 EMS Sweden (Electronic Music Studio Stockholm), soundcomposition « e_park ».
2012 GRIM Marseille, France, 2 weeks funding by the National Konstnärsnämnden Music.
2011 Saffir gallery Marseille (mars 2011) France for artwork and individuel exhibtiion.
2009 Imal (Centrum for Digital Culture), projekt "double_skin" production Brussels Belgie.
2009 ”Synapse” Fine Art School Rueil-Malmaison, digital project "Couplages" (mars 2009), France.
2009 La Raffinerie, production "double_skin" (feb. 2009) Brussels Belgie.
2008 Bains Connectives production "double_skin" (jan. 2008) Brussels Belgie.
2004 International Institutet Charleville-Mezieres,okt-nov 2004, France .


2014 Kulturbryggan Swedish National funding for "Organiska Rum" project.
2012 Konstnärsnämnden for Music residency in GRIM Marseille France.
2011-2009 Artist-run-gallery financed by "Landstinget Västernorrland" projektmedel of the «  LAB galleri» and the « Hörlursfestival » (5 years).
2008-2009 Arts numériques Communauté francaise (Digital Art funding from French department Minister) for "double_skin".
2005-2006 IFFUW Fellowship & Grant, Daphne Purves Grant, Geneva, Schwitzerland.


2011-2010 "Spam" text in the Art web project (Lars-Eriks Hjertström-Lappailinien art critic Stockholm, Annika Van Hausswolff from Valand Konsthögskola Götheborg, Jonatan Habib Engqvist from Iaspis Stockholm):
2008 Writing process under 1 month residency in the web blog / / instants (25 aug -. 25 sept.2008).
2006 Writing Art process in the online review La
2005 "Pretexte-Postface" (text and pictures) in "Cahiers Louis-Lumière, nr 3 2005.
2004 Exhibition collective, book « Genève-Kyoto-Paris », HES Genève, ENSAD Paris, Centre for Contemporary Image Saint-Gervais, Geneva, Schweitzerland.
2003 An estetic of the identity, animation in cooperation with the politolog Christophe Bertossi in Migration Culture, A Trans Europe Symposium, Birmingham, Great Britain.
2001 Portrait virtual in the online review "" (25 sept. 2001).

Sound Art / Sound Composition / Performance

→ Videos:

2016 Live sound video and performance in Nymus festival Sweden.
2015 Live Sound installation and performance "From foot to head", Nymus festival Sweden.
2014 ”e_park” Ljudkonstsverk production in the Elektronic Music Studio EMS Stockholm.
2013 Performance in the « Dubbel Radio » project in Konsthall C Stockholm.
2010 Sound live "Body signal zone" in the Videoformes 25/25 France.
2009, double_skin, bor pa europeisk Sound Delta radio live stream stream Sverige-
Belgien (work in progress double_skin projektet).
2009, ≪ alt 2-7-1 ≫, ljud-cd, Label Lona Records, Hongkong check on the network Larm project for Nordic Women in sound art :
2007-2009, Live performance in "aether9 group".
2007 Live music for the group « Genetiska Laptop Orchestra » organised by the american musician Kim Cascone in Imal Brussels Belgie.
2007-2008 Live in « Avatar Orchestra Metaverse » (AOM) – 3D Music group of avatars Online in Second Life.
2007 Live "Break_night", live in the "Placard" from Paris in the Regensburg,Tyskland.

Soundwork production

-> Sound Cloud
2014 Sound composition "e_park" production in the Electronic Music Studio Stockholm
2013 Performance Dubbel Radio, Konsthall C Stockholm.
2010 Sound and web live « Body signal zone » in the « Videoformes 25/25 » France.
2009 Live "What is this breast?" in the "Cisternfestivalen Västernorrland" Sweden.
2009 Live« double_skin" in the «Sound Delta European project" radio live, Belgie.
2009 Audio cd « alt 2-7-1 ≫, collective audio CD, Label Lona Records, Hong-Kong.

Teaching/ Guest artist

Since 2009 guest artist invited in the Music HIgh School Piteå/ Luleå University and Hola Folkhögskolan Sweden
2009-2014 Leader of the Hörlursfestival Sweden
2002-2007 Assistant teacher, Art / Multimedia (theory if the Media Art and Tecnical courses
for magisterexamen students) in Paris 8 and Montpellier 3. Labo online:

Curator, producter
Since 2016 Editions "Ô"
2009-2015 Music and Sound Art festival under geode coupole in Västernorrland Sweden.
2008-2010 Upgrade! Östersund-Stockholm internet multimedia Art network series of seminars.
2008 Stream Programmering in Imal (Centrum for Digital Art) Brussels Belgie.
"Stream on You", performance, workshop och konferens debatter med streaming och samverkande metoder av natverksprestanda, (15-17 feb.).
2004 Co-curator ≪ off Nuit Blanche Saint Denis ≫ art event in France (video,
installation, concerts).

Nathalie Fougeras
ISCM (International Society Contemporary Music ) member in Sweden.
KKV (Kollektiv Kooperativ Verksamhet) member in Härnösand Sweden
KRO Sweden member year 2013.

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