Mandl/ Krautgasser

Currently based
Wien, Austria

Annja Krautgasser is a media artist and architect who has been teaching on architecture, media, and the public at the Academy of Arts in Linz, and is an assistant at the Technical University in Graz, Austria.

Rainer Mandl, born 1968, is a web and media artist who has been working in film and television since the mid-90s. He hosted his own TV-show on music and contemporary art (together with Amina Handke). Among his artworks are Walzerwürfelspiel, a permanent installation for the House of Music Vienna (2002; collaboration with Elisabeth Wildling, Markus Novak, shaGTT); rgb computer game with cellular automaton (2001; with Sepp Deinhofer); as well as the interactive computer installation timeBox (), shown at Arc Galerie in Vienna (2001). Since 2000, he has done one sound productions under the name mit, "finest electrical/digital dilettantism" -- with Nikola Winkler, Michael Aschauer and Daniel Suljic -- that have been performed at concerts in Vienna, Linz and Zagreb.

2009 AK: State Scholarship, academy of fine arts, Vienna, Austria
2005 AK: Artist in residence, MAK Center Artists and Architects-in-Residence, Los Angeles, USA
2004 Nominated for the Medienkunstpreis of WDR and arte
2002 AK: M.A. in Visual media design/New media, University for applied arts, Vienna, Austria
2002 AK: Lecturer at the university for arts and design, Linz, Austria