Nicole Stenger

Currently based

Born in Paris. Lives in California
Prix Villa Medici
Visiting Scholar HitLab 1991-1992
Research Fellow MIT (Visual Arts Program) 1990-1991
Research Fellow MIT (CAVS) 1989-1990
Prix EDF Foundation/Pleias 1989
MA in Art and Technology, (Paris U)
MA in English, (La Sorbonne)
Grants from Silicon Graphics, Pixar, Wavefront; French Ministry of Culture

Nicole Stenger is a French/American artist, pioneer in Virtual Reality and in Web Cinema. In 1989-1991 she was a research Fellow at MIT-CAVS and MIT/Visual Arts Program. In 1991-1992 she was a Visiting Scholar at the Human Interface Technology Laboratory (Hitlab) in Seattle.

In the nineties, after the completion of her VR project, Stenger worked on VRML works and developed online art projects that are early examples of Web Cinema. My Faux Cinema (1998–2003) followed by Love Your Friend (2004) was a project composed of web pages with animated gifs, java applets, open source audio files, textual parts written by Stenger or sampled from the Internet. Faux Films: Fresh! (2000) and Bitchery (2001) are stylistic jokes. They mimic cinema moving images. She also created Web Books: To Dream or Not to Eat (1998), The California Trilogy (1996–2000), Nature (2000), Nanfei in Waspland (2000). A Web Book is a kind of book with a story. It has the look of a book, with a cover, an introduction, a conclusion, and a narrative of seven to twelve pages. Web Books are multimedia works with static and animated text, animated gifs, VRML animation and sound.
Recent works

Stenger’s last works are VRML movies, also conceived for immersion. Chambers (2001), Dynasty (2007–2009). Dynasty is composed of 15 scenes with text by Stenger and music by Tchaikovsky.

2010 - 2010 "Celebrate" Java Museum 10 years, Cologne
2010 - 2010 F.I.L.E Sao Paulo
2001 - 2001 Film Winter, Stuttgart
2000 - 2000 Medi@terra, Athens
2000 - 2000 Siggraph Artshow, New Orleans
2000 - 2000 Beachwood Center for the Arts
2000 - 2000 VRML Art, Monterey
1999 - 1999 Venice Biennale (Poetry & People)
1997 - 1997 NTT Art Center, Tokyo
1993 - 1993 Kunsthalle, Bonn
1991 - 1991 Cyberarts, Pasadena
1989 - 1989 Computer Museum, Boston
The Wish

Nicole Stenger's new VR movie "The Wish" conceived for immersion has just been released. Short video (2' 44") available.

The Wish
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