Corby & Baily & Mackenzie


Gavin Baily
Gavin studied at the Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art (1990-93), and Computer Science at University College London (1996). His work with digital media has focused on developing conjunctions of software-based visualisation and the data traces of social processes. He has held research positions at the Royal College of Art, the University of Cambridge, and the BBC.

Tom Corby
Tom is a senior lecturer at the University of Westminster. He studied Fine Art at Middlesex University (1987) and completed his PhD at Chelsea College of Art & Design in 2001. His research is concerned with relocating digital imaging processes within wider aesthetic and critical frameworks and is the editor of the book "Network Art: Practices and Positions" (Routledge 2005), which explores how artists have extendended the Internet's social and digital architectures.

Tom is the Director of the CREAM Doctoral Programme and deputy Director of CREAM. He is an artist, writer and academic interested in exploring relationships between natural environments, data and social phenomena.