Uriel Orlow


Orlow's work tackles the impossibility of narrating or representing the past and addresses the spatial conditions of history and memory. Spanning locations in Africa, the Arctic, Eastern Europe and Switzerland, his work can often be seen to employ a method of both horizontal-lateral and vertical-archival investigation in order to explore blind spots in the production and dissemination of knowledge. Orlow's modular installations comprising video, photography, drawing, sound and text, can be seen as a re-mix of the 'real' which permeates perception and performs a subtle operation that activates the potential of ruptures and ruins as ethical concerns of the present.

2010 The Jewish Museum New York
2009 Swiss Art Award
2009 Les Complices, Zurich,
2009 The Whole World at Tate Modern
2009 New Work UK at Whitechapel Gallery London
2008 Art Basel
2008 Artfutures at Bloomberg Space London
Exhibitions & Events