Julian Oliver


I am a New Zealander based in Berlin. I've been active in the critical intersection of art and technology since 1998. My projects and the occassional paper have been presented at many museums, international electronic-art events and conferences, including the Tate Modern, Transmediale, Ars Electronica and the Japan Media Arts Festival. My work has received several awards, ranging across technical excellence, artistic invention and interaction design.

I've given numerous workshops and master classes in software art, augmented reality, creative hacking, data forensics, object-oriented programming for artists, virtual architecture, artistic game-development, information visualisation, UNIX/Linux and open source development practices worldwide. I'm a long-time advocate of the use of free software in artistic production, distribution and education.

In 1998 I established the artistic game-development collective Select Parks.

2010 - 2010 The Artvertiser, 'Stadt am Rande', Goethe Institut, Beijing
2010 - 2010 levelHead at Space Invaders, Netherlands Institut voor Mediakunst, Amsterdam
2010 M.I.G at Worm Space, MuseumsQuartier, Vienna
2010 'The Great Augmented Goldrush': a Reality-check for Artists'. Presentation, V2, Rotterdam
2010 Six Composite Acts, MMX Gallery, Berlin
2010 The Artvertiser (at the Murcia stand), ARCO, Madrid
2010 The Artvertiser at Transmediale 2010, Berlin
2009 levelHead at Space Invaders, FACT, Liverpool, U.K
Exhibitions & Events