Isabelle Jenniches


Isabelle Jenniches (1971) received her Master's degree in Theater and Film Design from the Academy of Applied Art in Vienna, Austria, and a postgraduate degree in Digital Media and Fine Arts from Media-GN in Groningen, the Netherlands. After her studies she lived and worked in Amsterdam and Brooklyn, NY. Following a 4 month residency at the Lucas Artist Programs at Montalvo in Saratoga, Isabelle moved to the Santa Cruz Mountains in 2005.

In performances and photographic series that seek out the intersections between physical and virtual space, Isabelle often draws upon such "low tech" sources as the public or private webcam, and her ongoing compulsive collections of found footage from the Internet. Real-time collaborative creation plays an important role in connected performance events and her work with musicians.

Her work has been shown a.o. in the Grand Theatre Groningen, Theater de Balie, Melkweg and Waag Society, Amsterdam; at DEAF, Dutch Electronic Arts Festival and at V2 in Rotterdam; Location One, The Kitchen and Harvestworks, New York City; Versionfest Chicago; Spaces in Cleveland, Ohio; New Forms Festival in Vancouver, BC; and at Cabrillo Gallery in Aptos, CA.

Exhibitions & Events