Peter Flemming


Peter Flemming
Curriculum vitae, March 2010
all locations Canada, unless otherwise mentioned
Artist statement
I see what I make as the electromechanical
equivalents of short stories. Instead of words, sentences and
paragraphs, I use bolts, batteries, metal and custom electronics. These machinic texts create tension by mixing
natural and technological systems.
My work is rooted in handson
experimentation in the studio. In constructing automata that make use of subtle
and/or repetitive actions I hope to open a small space for contemplation in which the audience can become
temporarily absorbed.
2012 untitled touring solo exhibition and catalogue of work with DAGAFO, locations TBA (tentative)
2010 Process is Paradigm, (group exhibition) Laboral. Gijon, Spain
Cultivamos Cultura, (research residency) São Luis, Portugal
Port Credit Project (group exhibition) Blackwood Gallery. Curator: Christof Migone, Toronto ON

Exhibitions & Events