Margaret Dolinsky


Margaret Dolinsky is an Artist, Research Scientist and Assistant Professor at the School of Fine Arts at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. Her recent work involves digital painting fused into projections for opera and experimental film. She researches, designs and creates virtual environments. She is co-chair of the Engineering Reality of Virtual Reality conference with Ian McDowall. Margaret Dolinsky's research investigates interactive experience over high-speed networks and the CAVE Automated Virtual Environment while using the digital arts for cognitive recognition and perceptual shifts. She is an Assistant Professor and Research Scientist at the H.R. Hope School of Fine Arts Indiana University Bloomington. Exhibitions include SIGGRAPH, Ars Electronica, ICC, and the Walker Art Center USA. Her work is published in Leonardo, Discover, Computer Graphics World, US News and World Report and ACM's Computer Graphics. Lectures include Tsinghua University (China), Ciber@rts Bilboa (Spain), Sensorial Net (Brazil), BEAP (Australia), and ISEA (France). She received an MFA from University of Illinois at Chicago and is currently a researcher with the Planetary Collegium at the University of Plymouth, U.K.

2013 Participated in the 4th Annual New Media Caucus (NMC)
2008 Was appointed "Outstanding Educator in Science, Technology and Engineering" by Women & Hi Tech
2003 Member of the Indiana University’s Institute for Digital Arts and Humanities, Bloomington
1998 Held a lecture entitled "CAVE Drawing: The Painterly Potential of Pixels” at Indiana University
1995 Received the Award of Merit from the Arlington Arts Center (AAC)
1995 Established her first Virtual Environments
1995 Research Artist at the University of Illinois, Chicago
MFA from the University of Illinois, Chicago
Student at the Northern Illinois University
Researcher at the University of Plymouth’s Planetary Collegium
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