Mark Amerika


Net artist Mark Amerika was born in the American city of Miami. He received a BA from the University of Florida in 1985. In 1997 he was awarded a MFA from Brown University, where he was employed as a creative writing fellow and lecturer for two years. In 2007 Amerika functioned as an international visiting professor within Research in Network Art. At the moment Amerika holds a professorship in digital arts at the Boulder University of Colorado. He is also a principal research fellow at La Trobe University.

The years Mark Amerika was at Brown University, he worked on his well known Internet project the GRAMMATRON, which was chosen to be exhibited at the Whitney Biennial in 2000. Amerika has written several books including “Sexual Blood”, “The Kafka Chronicles” and “META/DATA: A Digital Poetics”.

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2007 International Visiting Professor within Research in Network Art (iRes)
1995 MFA from Brown University
1985 BA from the University of Florida
1960 Born in Miami
Professor of Digital Arts at the University of Colorado, Boulder
Principal Research Fellow at La Trobe University