Hsin Hsin Lin

Affiliated institution
Lin Hsin Hsin Art Museum, Lin Hsin Hsin Intelligence Center

Deeply rooted in art, music, mathematics and technology, Lin Hsin Hsin has composed and realized digital music without sound card and midi instruments since 1985. She has created the first virtual art museum in the world, 1994, designed the 50th Anniversary United Nation Commemorative Coins, 1995. Lin, a strong proponent in intermedia, is a pioneer of the different genres of digital art: DigitalArt, Digital Installation Art, MetaphorArt, Net Art, Web Art, Interactive Web Art, PhoneArt and Animated Music since 1987. She was interviewed by BBC Global Business News, Wirshafts Woche, CeBits Special Edition, 2000, selected by UNESCO for Museum International Millennium Edition and was the only non-EU participant invited for Euro-world Art project. She was interviewed by The New York Times on the Net, 1997, named as one of the 200 cyber personalities in "24 hours in Cyberspace", 1996 amongst others. Lin is an author of 6 poetry books and is at ease with Chinese, English, French and Japanese. Lin’s artworks have been exhibited and performed in Asia, Europe, South and United States of America. (source: Lin Hsin Hsin)

2005 Sonic Art Sculptor / Formulated sonic art mathematically:
generate sound, transform sound to sonic sculptures
2005 Interdisciplinary Multidimensional Interactive Web Art / Designed and developed tools and exhibits for interdisciplinary interactive Web art
2003 Sonic Sound Sculptor / Sound sculpted sonic art presented in France
2000 virtual & digital museum personality / Invited by UNESCO to contribute to the Museum International Millennium Edition in 5 UN languages: English, French, Spanish,
Russian and Arabic
2000 creator of the digital Euro coin / Lin Hsin Hsin, the only non-EU participant invited for Euro-world Art project

The installation was complete with an animated poem on the Web
2000 Digital Animator / Invited to create a national celebration

Lin Hsin Hsin digitally design, create and install the digital fireworks
on the Web in Singapore
1999 Digital Media Sculptor / Designed, modelled, animated as well as tele- and robosculpted the first digital sculpture in Singapore

Digital sculptures exhibited in Paris, France
1999 Invented the engine for interactive 3D animation with 16.7 million colors in the Web browser / created of an engine for the interactive 3D animation with 16.7 million colors in the Web browser with only a minimum of 2KB file size
1998 Jurymember for "Best Museum Web Sites in the World", organized by Museum & the Web, USA
1997 - 1997 Launch of "In Bytes we travel" at Frankfurter Buchmesse / "In Bytes we travel" is a collection of techno-poems about the Internet and the World Wide Web.
1996 Digital Chinese Art / designed and painted Chinese Art ranging from cursive to formal Chinese Calligraphy to abstract Chinese ink paintings with ONLY
a two-button mechanical mouse and a 16.7 million color palette

Lin Hsin Hsin does NOT believe in stylus pen
1996 "Virtuocity Award" by VXR Corporation, USA / for the Lin Hsin Hsin Art Museum
1996 Web Art / created Web art, exhibited in:
Utrecht, The Netherlands, 1996
Virtual World, Paris, France 1996
Arcs Electronica, Linz, Austria 1997
Virtual World, Paris, France 1997
Virtual World, Paris, France 1999
1995 creator of the UN 150th Anniversary Commemorative Coin / Lin Hsin Hsin was invited and has digitally created the UN 150th Anniversary Commemorative Coin
1995 "Lin Hsin Hsin Art Museum" listed in "Top 5% of All Web Sites" and the "Top 1000 Web Sites" of Point Communication Corp., USA
1995 Interactive Web Art / Participated in SIGGRAPH 1995
Created Interactive Web Art 1996
1994 Launch of the "Lin Hsin Hsin Art Museum" / Conceptualized, designed and implemented the world's first Virtual Museum on the World Wide Web, complete with a museum
information counter, cafe, souvenir shop, theatrette and toilet.
1994 Fabrica Digitale / designed, scripted and created a huge repertoire of digital fabrics
1992 - 1992 Launch of "Love @ 1st Byte" at Frankfurter Buchmesse / "Love @ 1st Byte" is a collection of techno-poems about computers and information technology.
1988 Digital Animator / Created the first digital animation on an IBM PC AT in Singapore
1987 Digital Media Artist / produced the 1st 3D digital art in Singapore
1985 Composer of the first digital music on an IBM PC XT in Singapore / WITHOUT a sound card and any midi instruments
The First Virtual Museum in the World -- The Lin Hsin Hsin Art Museum 20th Anniversary Celebration
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