Daniela Kutschat


She ist an artist and digital systems and media researcher. Aiming to get close to a symbiotic relationship beween human and artificial systems, her research focuses human-computer interfaces: she develops body-space integrating systems for intractive and VR (virtual reality) environments.

2002 Prize Transmidia, Itaucultural / The project OP_ERA was awarded with the Prize Transmidia, Itaucultural.
2001 Invited Lecturer at the Universidade de Sao Paulo / Invited Lecturer for presenting a Virtual Reality Environment as a result of her PhD Research.
1999 Co-investigator in a Virtual Realitiy Project / Co-investigator in the Virtual Reality Project "OP_ERA: a multidimensional journey". Co-Author: Rejane Cantoni, Coreography and dance: Ivani Santana, Music: Fernando Iazetta, Design: Eduardo Philipp, Technical Support: Pedro Perez Machado. Other co-investigators are LSI (The Integrated Systems Lab) POLI-USEP and Group Palindrome (Germany).
1998 - 1998 CAiiA-STAR Artist in Residence / Artist in Residence at the CAiiA-STAR (Centre for Advanced Inquiry in Interactive Arts and School of Computer Science of the University of Plymouth) for researching Man Machine Interfacees for a pas-de-trois between a manc-machine-environment.
PhD in Visual Arts, Escola de Communicacoes e Artes, University of Sao Paulo
Coordinates the Research Group in Interactive Systems and Interactive Media / Coordinates the Research Group Interactive Systems and the Post-Graduate Studies in Interactive Media at SENAC, Sao Paulo.
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