Kiyoshi Furukawa

Currently based
Tokyo, Japan

Composer. His work focuses on the field between music and technology. It ranges from New Music and Electro-Acoustic Composition to Media Art. In 1997 he was commissioned to produce a Multi-Media Opera for the opening of the new building of the ZKM. He has produced several Media Art installations, such as "Small Fish" and "Bubbles". The public reaction to these works was very favorable and they have been shown in many museums and exhibitions internationally.
He is also interested in the social functions of art, and has been actively engaged in musical activities in collaboration with the group "Triangle". The group organizes events for people with hearing difficulties such as concerts for and with deaf children. This activity has received great recognition for promoting human relationships and he has been awarded the "Good Design Award" for this work.

2000 Professor at the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music (Faculty of Inter-Media Art)
1991 Guest composer and guest researcher at Stanford University, USA
1990 winner of PRISMA prize, Hamburg, Germany
1979 Studied composition at the Musikhochschule in Berlin and Hamburg
Exhibitions & Events