Josh Nimoy


"I am a silicon valley unicorn. I make software art. I communicate between engineers and artists. I think a lot about issues of programming for non-programmers. I am best known for my generative computational aesthetics for Disney's TRON:Legacy. My most contagious meme is BallDroppings. My most visible work is commercial. My art shows in serious galleries and museums. I believe creativity is a serious force of business and humanity, capable of much more than mere entertainment, consumer manipulation, and intellectual invigoration. It is nutritious, healing, magical, and an absolutely essential component in every single one of us." from the artist's homepage

a prolific artist and composer, who has created a great deal of work ranging from stunning computer generated art, to playful interactive pieces that allow the user to create fun visuals with a generated audio soundtrack. His work contains a fusion of math and art - which helped create the visual experience of the blockbuster film, Tron:Legacy as well as a number of gallery shows.

Exhibitions & Events