Seiko Mikami


Seiko Mikami passed away of cancer in January 2015. She was an interactive media artist that has been working in the realms of information systems and human sensing. Showing large-scale installations since the 80's she used sound, robotics and eye-tracking technologies among others to establish a interactive environment of reaction and reflection. She was professor of Media Art Lab at Tama Art University in Japan. Her works have been exhibited and presented internationally, including Miro Museum (Spain, 1999), Musee des Beaux Arts de Nantes (France, 2000), Kulturhuset (Sweden, 2006), Kuenstlerhaus Vienna (Austria, 2010), National Art Museum of China/NAMOC (2011) and others. She passed away of cancer in January 2015.

2012 Featured Artist at the Ars Electronica
2007 Resident Artist at TESLA
2006 - 2007 University Sabbatical (spent at the Berlin University of the Arts)
2006 - 2007 Resident Artist at the Foundation of International Art and Science Program
2005 Received an Honorary Mention from the Prix Ars Electronica
2000 Professor of Media Art Lab in the Department of Information Design at Tama Art University, Tokyo
1999 Resident Artist at the Joan Miró Foundation, Barcelona
1995 MA from the Institute of Technology, New York / New York Institute of Technology
1991 Went to New York
1961 Born in Shizuoka, Japan