Marcos Novak


Marcos Novak, born 1957, professor at UCSB, transarchitect, artist, and theorist. He exhibits, lectures, and conducts workshops worldwide. He pioneered the development of architecture for cyberspace and virtual space and of the algorithmic generation of architectural designs, created some of the world's first architectural and artistic virtual spaces, and originated such internationally recognized concepts as “liquid architectures,” “navigable music,” "transmodernity," “transarchitectures,” “transvergence” and many others. He is allied with CAiiA and the Planetary Collegium. (source:

2000 - 2000 Web-Event Trans-ports / Online-conference with Kas Oosterhuis and Ole Bouman
2000 - 2000 Continuum 001, CCA Glasgow / group-exhibition
2000 Archilab Frac Centre Orléans / Ausstellung
2000 Featured Artist/Architect (Greece), Venice Biennial Architecture Exhibition, Italy Honorary Co-President, Transarchitectures Association, Paris, France
1999 Research Member, CAiiA-STAR, Center for Advanced Inquiry in Interactive Arts, University of Wales, UK
1998 - 1999 Shock of the View, Walker Art Center / Shock of the View" has two parallel tracks:
A 6-month series of curated online exhibitions and invited responses, which pair a museum artwork or activity with a virtual analog, so to speak.
An ongoing listserv discussion about artists, audiences, and museums in the digital age--that is, currently. (
1998 Award of Excellence, 101 New Blood, Pacific Design Center, Los Angeles
1998 Nomination, Chrysler Award For Innovation in Design
1996 - 1999 Visiting Associate Professor at the Department of Architecture and Urban Design at UCLA
1994 Participant of the artproject: crossings / "Crossings" is an artwork crafted from the software tool set called "Polytrim" developed at the Centre for Landscape Research of the University of Toronto. This project was first realized as part of the artist in residence program at ZKM in Karlsruhe. "Crossings" achieves a compelling dynamic immersive landscape where the terrain is shaped from information structures and links to the information space of the WWW.

"Crossings" is an evolutionary step that extends painting beyond cinema, weaving the desire for the merging of content and information to the artistic potential of a real time interactive virtual environment. While the computational world has mechanized nature into a transcribable and mechanical format, "Crossings" has focused on the history of landscape painting as the embodiment of human experience and emotion. By expressing the metaphoric power of landscape in a virtual environment as a non-hierarchical dynamic space " Crossings" reasserts that art is not merely transcriptive in the sense of conveying information, but is also a transformative process. When one is navigating the immersive environment of "Crossings", the traditional distinction between reality and virtuality disappears and the artificial dualism of information and sensation is eliminated. This happens through the interactive unfolding of a personal narrative that occurs when one navigates the live links to the WWW that occupy the formal pictorial space.

"Crossings", created by Stacey Spiegel in collaboration with Rodney Hoinkes, was presented as a fully interactive immersive environment at the Rotterdam Harbour Simulator during DEAF95. (source:
1992 - 1994 Residency Award, Banff Center for the Arts, Alberta
1990 Oceanside Civic Center, Oceanside CA / Exhibition with Charles W. Moore/Urban Innovations Group.
1989 - 1996 Assistant Professor, Architecture, University of Texas
1988 - 1990 Doctoral Studies, UCLA, Los Angeles
1983 Reeb Hosack Infill Housing / with Charles H. Brewer Jr.
1983 Certificate of Specialization in CAAD, Ohio State University
1980 - 1983 Graduate Teaching Associate, Architecture, Ohio State University
- 1999 Graduate Faculty, Art Center College of Art and Design
founding director of the Laboratory For Immersive Virtual Environments and the Advanced Design Research Program at the School of Architecture at the University of Texas at Austin
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