Steven Schkolne


Steven Schkolne was born in Cape Town in 1976, and raised in the eastern United States. He received his PhD from Caltech in 2003. He currently teaches software, media, and tech culture as faculty at Calarts. His online work has been associated with the international neen movement. While at Caltech, Schkolne invented new ways to create shapes with 3d interactive computers. He developed this method of interaction into works which have been shown by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Centro Cultural Candido Mendes (Rio de Janeiro), and Pool (Las Vegas). His internet-based work has been exhibited by Deitch Projects (New York), Rhizome (Los Angeles), The Mu Art Foundation (Eindhoven), Carusel (Helsinki), Electronic Orphanage (Los Angeles), and others. He has lectured at the Art Center Nabi (Seoul), Princeton, NYU, Brown University, KAIST (Daejeon), the Dagstuhl Institute, Art Center College of Design, cast (Bonn), AIM@Shape (Darmstadt), and will be teaching a course at Siggraph 2006. Schkolne is a principal at Visopia and has consulted for Disney, BMW Designworks/USA, and others. He is currently developing a new form of image. (source:

2003 PhD from Caltech / Title: 3d Interfaces for Spatial Construction
Advisor: Peter Schröder
Exhibitions & Events