Julieta Agriano

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(Buenos Aires, 1981)

Works as an independent curator and cultural practitioner specialized in the digital and electronic scene. Her actual curatorial research is based on the development of Semiotopías, a neologism and curatorial saga she created as an approach to digital symbolic productions from the perspective and methodology of semiotics, with focus on contemporary synthesized and datified existence and aesthetics.
In 2018 she founded WIP arte digital, an online platform for the promotion and education in digital arts where workshops in Spanish are facilitated with a strong focus on practical knowledge and development of critical perspectives around technical-aesthetical symbolic production in Latin America and the world. As an invited curator she has design technology educational programs at Museo Latinoamericano de Arte Latinoamericano (MALBA) and Espacio de Arte Fundación OSDE. As a professor, she actually coordinates the seminar IA Aesthetics: Approaches to the synthetic regime of Art at Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales (FLACSO Argentina). As a lecturer, she was invited to Mutek Forum (Montréal), Exploratorio Central (México) and Congreso Latinoamericano de Morfología (Chile). In 2022 she was invited by the Swiss Council of Arts (ProHelvetia) to a research trip in Switzerland, where she visited a wide variety of institutions, studios and art spaces related to digital arts.

Julieta Agriano
Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Born in 1981.

CONTACT: (+54) 1156396084

[Currículum Vitae]

Languages: Spanish (native) - English (Certificate in Advanced English, Cambridge University) - German (basic)

Formal Education

Social Communication Science (Specialized in Politics and Planification)
Buenos Aires University - UBA. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Cultural Management and Policies
Postgraduate Specialization - IDAES-UNSAM. Buenos Aires, Argentina
(scholarship - 2017/18)

Tecnopoéticas - Latin American Technopolitics
Postgraduate Specialization - FLACSO. Buenos Aires, Argentina
(scholarship - 2022)

Work Experience

(2023-present) Professor seminar: IA Aesthetics: Approaches to the synthetic regime of Art - Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales
FLACSO Argentina - Social Science University

(2022) Latin American Artificial Intelligence and Art Biennial
Chief curator. México DF.

(2021 - 2022) MediaLab - Arts Space - Fundación OSDE
Digital Arts Programme curator
Buenos Aires, Argentina

(2019) MALBA - Latinamerican Museum of Art
Invited curator for the Art and Technology Program

2020 - present: Cultural practitioner and programmes curator
WIP arte digital - independent platform for the promotion and non-formal education in digital and electronic arts in Latin America

Developed Projects

2023: Curator of exhibition
Semiotopías II - Espacio de arte Fundación OSDE
Buenos Aires, Argentina

2022: Curator of exhibition
Culture and Science Argentinian Ministry - Megamuestra Tecnópolis (Science, Art and Technology park)
Buenos Aires, Argentina

2021: Curator of exhibition
Solo exhibition artist Laura Benech (Santa Fé) - Semiotopías, Dulce Estudio -
Buenos Aires, Argentina

2019: Co-production and coordination
Electronic and digital media applied to Artwork development - Matienzo Cultural Center.
Buenos Aires, Argentina

2019: Coordinator of space
DigiLab - MUTEK Festival - Centro Cultural Kirchner.
Buenos Aires

2017: Executive Producer
“SIN” Entre Rios Music Performance - Audiovisual Installation - Public space. Buenos Aires Latin American Art Museum.
Buenos Aires

2016: Executive Producer
Vanesa Krongold Fashion Designer and Epson Latinoamérica
Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. ME Collectors Room. Berlín

Residency Programmes

2022: Research Trip “Cultural Potentials in Digital Arts”
Switzerland: Zurich, Geneva and Basel.
2 weeks. Supported by Pro-Helvetia

2022: Hexagram Lab “Expanded Realities round the corner”
Montréal, Canadá.
Invited by Hexagram and Elektra platforms.


2022: Mutek Forum “The Genreification of AI”.
Panel discussion in the context of Mutek Festival, Montreal (Canadá)

2022: Geneva Film Festival Digital Night
Invited to round table discussion with local artists

2022: Communications future. New ways of transmitting.
Panel discussion with referent designers, journalist and cultural promoters from Latinamerica.
Exploratorio Central - Ciudad Juárez, México

Workshops and labs

El Píxel Aumentado - Processingand basic electronics
(2019) - Workshop by Magdalena Molinari - Buenos Aires

Digital Scenography
(2019) Workshop by Lucas de Marziani - Buenos Aires

Processing intensive workshop –
(2018) Universidad Nacional De Las Artes. Buenos Aires

Technology for Curators – Espacio Dos Puntos.
(2018) workshop by Cristian Reynaga - Buenos Aires

Film Scripting – Centro Cultural Ricardo Rojas.
(2002) Workshop by Sabrina Farji - Buenos Aires

Documentary film – Universidad de San Andrés
(2001) Workshop by Andrés Di Tella - Buenos Aires

Exhibitions & Events