Louis Bec


Bec’s artistic work revolved around the interlocking of art and science. He became known through his efforts related to extending biological evolution and simulating new life forms, emphasizing in particular how these ‹could› bring forth evolution. His search for new zoomorphic types and forms of communication between artificial and natural species led to his founding a fictitious institute named ‹Scientifique de Recherche Paranaturaliste,› with Louis Bec as its presiding director. Bec was first introduced to artistic research on artificial life through his collaborating with the philosopher Vilém Flusser, who wrote about Bec’s «Vampyroteuthis infernalis» in his book of the same name. (http://www.medienkunstnetz.de/artist/bec/biography/)

1997 - 2000 Manager of AVIGNONumérique (DigitalAvignon-2000) / part of the programme for AVIGNON European city of the Culture 2000
1996 Expert of the Council of Europe / in the framework of the conception, of the programming and the development of cultural and technological projects for the European countries
1991 Founder and director of CYPRES (Intercultural Centre for Practise, Research and Interdisciplinary Exchanges), Marseilles
1972 Founder of the "Scientific Institute for Paranatural Research"
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