Laura Skocek


I am an artist, living and working in Vienna. Having been trained at the University of Applied Arts Vienna (Digital Arts), my focus is on sculpture and smart materials, with an interest in the intersections of art and science, as well as video art, animation and video production.

In my documentary films I have worked with NGOs, ranging from peace movements to medical and other socio-political domains. Recently, I won the Bronze Award at the Handle Climate Change Film Festival in Shenzhen (China) with the short film Triple Benefit Principle – Can we really live in a sustainable way.

In 2018, the interactive sound object Forced Leisure was presented at the Intersections symposium of the Ammerman Center for Arts and Technology in New London (US), a collaboration with my partner Christoph Gruber. Our participation was funded by the Federal Chancellery of Austria.

Drawing a lot of inspiration from travelling, I participated in the Rimbun Dahan residency in Malaysia in 2017, in the Sím artist residency in Reykjavik (Iceland) and in the Arteles residency in Haukijärvi (Finland) in 2015. I also received a residency grant from the Land of Lower Austria to travel and work at the Nida Art Colony (Lithuania) in 2014 and took part at subnet AIR in Salzburg, focusing on new media art technologies and artistic research in 2013. In this timeframe, I continued to realize a set of kinetic sculptures, dealing with the perception of the cognitive state of falling asleep and sensual interpretations of the consolidation of memories.

Next to my artistic work, I finished a BA in Political Science. I am also an experienced video editor (2018-2021: ORF, since 2015: various engagements at United Nations in Vienna).

Exhibitions & Events