Julian Stadon

Currently based
Affiliated institution
Kunstuniversität Linz, University of Brighton, marart.org, TeleAgriCulture.org

I am an Australian Artist and Transdisciplinary Integration Expert Working Across Academia, Cultural and Private Sectors. Focussed on Augmentation Aesthetics, Bio-Digital Entanglement & Interactivity, Food Futures & Sustainability.

I currently lecture for the Interface Cultures and the Media Design Teaching Programmes at The University of Art and Design, Linz. I am also working on an experimental agriculture crowd/cloud community project, TeleAgriCulture and I am on the Steering Committee for the IEEE International Symposium on Mixed & Augmented Reality.

Studying Marine Biology, Fine Arts, Media Communication and Electronic Art, My current PhD research focuses on how, through Augmentation Aesthetics, Art can better our understandings of Bio-Digital Convergence, Identity and the social, political and economic implications of our relationships with living bodies, embodied data and data bodies. My artistic practice currently focuses on how we can merge Augmentation and Ecological Aesthetics for a more empathetic engagement with the Post-Anthropocenic Era.

Academically, I was previously the Programme Leader for Digital Media Design at The University of Hertfordshire & Tianjin Academy of Fine Art (teaching both in England and China), Subject Leader in Innovative Media Production at London College of Fashion (University of the Arts London) and Senior Lecture for Interface & Interaction Design at Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, along with several other previous academic roles at Curtin & Murdoch Universities in Perth and SAE Institute. I also have worked on several academic projects relating to Media Art including Co-organising the Media Arts Scoping Study, being a research assistant for the National Organisation of New Media Arts Database and administrating 2 Leonardo Education Forums (all in Australia), among others, that can be found in my CV and on my homepage.

I have a transdisciplinary approach to teaching and research, across several fields that intersect Art, Interaction/Interface Design, Game Studies, Next Generation Interfaces, Creative Coding, Physical Computing, Mixed Reality and Immersion, Innovative Media, Fashion Technology, Sustainability, Agriculture, Biotechnology, Food Science, Culinary Aesthetics, Image Culture, Post-Digital Aesthetics and Media Theory, all within the context of Augmentation Aesthetics and Post-Anthropocenic Design

I have also founded several hacker spaces including Dorkbot Perth, Digital Ping Pong London and Tinker_Nap_Lab Salzburg and am the founder/director of The Mixed and Augmented Reality Arts Organisation (marart.org).

2016-Present PhD Candidate, Brighton University
2008 Master of Electronic Art, Curtin University of Technology 2005 Bachelor of Arts, Curtin University of Technology

Lecturer, Interface Cultures/Media Design Education, Kunstuniversität, Linz
Founder/Director, TeleAgriCulture
2013-Present Founder/Director, marart.org
Associate Lecture, LUCA School of Art, Brussels
Programme Leader, Digital Media Design University of Hertfordshire
Subject Leader in Innovative Media Practice, University of the Arts London
Senior Lecturer, Interface/Interaction Design, Salzburg University of Applied Sciences
Lecturer, Digital Media, Interactive Digital Design, and Game Design, Murdoch University
Sessional Academic, Department of Media Art, Curtin University
Sessional Academic, School of Media Culture and Creative Arts, Curtin University
Sessional Academic, SAE Institute Perth
Sessional Academic, Justice and Equity Through Access/Art Program, Curtin University
Research Assistant, National Organisation of Media Arts Database
2008 -2009
Web/e-Learning Development Officer, Online Universities Australia, Curtin University
Audiovisual Technician, AV Alliance/AV Partners
Owner/Manager, Hula Bula Bar, Perth
Digital Technician, Western Australian Museum
Divisional Representative for Humanities, Curtin University Post Graduate Society
Technical Assistant, Department of Art and John Curtin Gallery, Curtin University

2021 Riverbank Buffet, STWST 48x7 OUT OF MATTER/Ars Electronica Linz
2021 Swan_Panda: Chimerical Metamorph, Metamorph WE. SPLACE Gallery, Linz
2021 TeleAgriCulture: In the Field, Der Garten Denach, Hollabererhof, Linz
2020 Maiz Matze: Speaking from the Grid Together, STWST 48x6 /Ars Electronica, Linz
2020 TeleAgriCulture: No Peripheral Skills, MIT Global Community Bio Summit Boston
2020 TeleAgriCulture, Vienna Design Week
2019 V2_ AI Meetup + Summer Sessions Reveal, Rotterdam
2019 STWST UNFINISHED Festival, Linz
2018 Contemporary and Future Wardrobe: Fashioned from Nature Exhibition, V&A Museum, London 2018 BioCuerpos Perfor/m/ados, Mexico City
2018 Swan Panda: Straight Outta Router (Performance), Anemonal, Guadalajara
2017 Swan Panda: Public Property, Playground, London
2017 Swan Panda: We Live in a Fucking Castle (Performance), MAAT, Lisbon
2017 Lumen Showreel, EVA London, British Computer Society, London
2017 Swan Panda: Chimerapocalypse2: Apathy for the Anthropocene, AVFest, Corfu 2017 Neuroteleporter, Digital Maker Collective, Tate Modern
2016 Books, Arebyte, London
2016 Affecto Material, Merida, Mexico
2016 Art Meets Radical Openness, Linz
2016 Embodied Reality Systems, Brighton Digital Festival, Brighton
2016 Swan Minotaur: Chimerapocalypse, AVFest, Corfu
2015 The Wrong Biennale (online)
2015 VRLehen, Stadtwerk Lehen, Salzburg
2015 Swan Panda Algorave (performance) Tokyo and Osaka
2015 Data Body as Artifact. Fukuoka City Museum, Fukuoka
2014 Lange Nacht der Forschung, Salzburg University of Applied Sciences
2014 Beyond the Interface, Furtherfield, London
2014 Beyond the Interface, Department of Architecture, TUM, Munich
2013 Transreal Topologies, Royal Science Institute, Adelaide (Curator)
2013 Radical, AV Room, Perth (Curator)
2012 3rd Art and Science International Exhibition, Beijing
2012 Databody Gamer, Online and on location in Perth and Manchester
2012 Decode-Recode, Media City Salford, Manchester
2012 Staffroom Show, Moores Building, Fremantle
2011 NBN SHOWCASE, Armidale Smart House
2011 sMaRtHoUsE_<bomber>, NBN Geeks Exhibition, Armidale
2011 Pouvior/Puissance, SAE Open House, Perth
2011 Bring Your Own Beamer, Linz
2011 Uncontainable, ISEA, Istanbul
2011 Weather Tunnel Project, Translife, Beijing
2011 Social Symphony (performance) , University of Western Australia, Perth
2011 Dialogues With Landscape Perth International Art Festival, Perth
2010 Garden // Art // Action (Curator with Georgina Criddle), Perth
2010 Playful Interfaces, Ars Electronica Festival, Linz
2010 Car Park, Condor Tower, Perth
2010 BNMI Liminal Screens, Banff Center for the Arts, Banff
2010 In Transit, Wellington Transit Terminal, Perth
2008 DoFA, John Curtin Gallery, Perth
2008 Devilles Pad Grand Opening, Devilles Pad, Perth
2008 SLARiPS, SYLGRUT Center, Manchester
2008 Particular Particles (Performance), Fogscreen Showroom, Helsinki
2007 Welcome to Rome, Rome Gallery
2006 Avatart, MySpace & Kurb Gallery, Perth
2006 Here's You Now Talk To Me, Second Life/Think Tank Gallery, San Diego
2005 Salvation Show, Palace Hotel, Perth
2004 Curtin Degree Show, Curtin University, Perth
2004 Foam Room Smoke Out, Confinement Room, Perth
2004 MASLGOJSATRZ, International Arts Space Kellerberrin
2003 A-Team Action Painting (Performance), Curtin University, Perth
2003 Supermart, Breadbox Gallery., Perth
2003 $99.95 Shop ART03, Fremantle Passenger Terminal.
2003 Instant Exhibitions Kurb Gallery.
2003 Annual Sculpture Survey Gombok Gallery,Perth
2002 Wheat Grass Project Curtin University, Perth
2000 House of Ruin, The Strand, Perth
2019 Ars Electronica Out of the Box Festival, Linz
2018 Ó̞ O̵ P͔ ̷S Exhibition (Curator and Exhibiting Artist/Panellist) UHArts, Hertfordshire

2021 Ludic Ecologies: Playing with Post-Nature, DeckDock@STWST, Linz
2021 TeleAgriCulture and Cyclic Ubran Farming, Markt der Zukunft, Graz
2021 Island of the Day Before Workshop, TeleAgriCulture Test Kitchen, Linz
2021 Riverbank Buffet Workshop, Eleanore Ship, with Donautiks and Kunstuni Linz
2020 Ethical Aquaponics Farming and Cooking Approaches/Slow Food Dinner, Vienna Design Week 2020 Performing Corn, Audiovisual Dialogues with Crops, Stadtwerkstatt Linz
2018 Aquaponics as Art, Cultivamos Cultura, São Luís
2018 Media Art and Design Practice in the UK, Tianjin Academy of Fine Art
2018 Mixed Reality Fashion, Breaking Through the Hype Cycle, VR Summit, Perth
2018 OOPS: Obfuscating Ownership: Privacy and Surveillance Workshop University of Hertfordshire 2018 Random Cards Oblique Strategies Workshop, LUCA School of Art, Brussels
2017 New Media Approaches to Fashion Media, London College of Fashion, London
2017 Tetrahymena: What does it Mean to Have Seven Genders with Marta de Menezes, Hybrid Arts Summer School, Corfu
2017 The Networked Body: Embodied Reality Workshop, House of Vans, London
2017 Design Ideation for Mixed Reality Workshop, London College of Fashion
2017 An Army of Me: Recoding the Selfie, House of Vans, London
2017 Glitching Gender Workshop, House of Vans, London
2016 How to Be Cool and Not Suck at Things, Disposed, Salzburg
2016 Media, Arts, Social Sciences, Humanities and Design Workshop, ISMAR, Merida
2016 Embodied Reality Systems, Brighton Digital Festival, Brighton
2016 Data Body Trader Workshop @ Art Meets Radical Openness Conference, Linz
2016 Save the World with Your Smartphone Workshop, FH- Salzburg
2015 A Vernacular of File Formats Workshop with Rosa Menkman, Salzburg
2015 Locked Spaces: A Participatory Interaction Design Workshop, Salzburg
2015 Cinder Workshop, FH-Salzburg
2015 Artist Urban Survival Workshop with Heath Bunting, Puch/Salzburg
2014 Exploring AR-Glasses and Their Pecularities, ISMAR, Munich
2014 Google Glass/AR Workshop, Wikitude, Salzburg
2014 GoPro Photo Wall Workshop, Zibert+Friends, MD-Lab and Red Bull, Munich
2014 TinkerNapLap, MMA Open Day
2013 Processing and Creative Coding Workshop, FH-Salzburg
2013 Open Design Workshop, FH Salzburg
2010 Wearable Technologies Workshop, BNMI
2010 ACVALab, Australian Centre for the Moving Image
2010 Force/Magnitudes Nanotechnology Lab, Nanochemistry Research Lab, CRASH
2009 HITLab Project Development Residency, HITLabNZ
2008 Short Term Student Residency, Salford University
2008 Rapid Prototyping Research and Development Visit, Fogscreen Centre, Helsinki
2008 Nokia Python S60 Rapid Prototyping Workshop, Linz/Helsinki
2006 Propel Youth Arts Robotics Workshop, Perth
2005 Bike Lab, Awesome Arts Creative Challenge, Kellerberren and Carnarvan
2021 Stadtwerkstatt/Donautiks Eleanore Residency
2020 Stadtwerkstatt/Donautiks Eleanore Residency
2019 3erH0f Artist in Residence,Elonding Austria
2019 Cultivamos Cultura TeleAgriCulture Summer Residency, Portugal 2019 V2_Lab Research Fellowship Residency, Rotterdam, Netherlands 2018 Cultivamos Cutura Residency, Portugal
2017 Anemonal/Ciudad Creativa Digital, Guadaljara
2016 Erhard Busek Prize for Cultural Exchange Residency, Sarajevo, Bosnia
2015 Japan Algorave Tour Artist in Residence, Various Locations, Japan
2015 Erasmus Teaching Exchange Residency, Halmstad, Sweden
2014 Beyond the Interface Curatorial Residency, Furtherfield London & ISMAR Munich 2015 Visiting Artist Research Residency, IAMAS Gifu/Fuckuoka City Museum, Japan 2013 Particle Physics Research Residency, ICPT, Protvino, Russia
2013 Transvision Residency, Wearable Computer Lab, UniSA, Adelaide
2012 Graz Technical University PhD Research Residency, Graz, Austria
2011-13 CIA Studio Residency Centre for Interdisciplinary Arts, Perth
2011 NBN Geek In Residence Australia Council for the Arts, Armidale, Australia
2011 UWA Second Life Commission Residency, Perth International Arts Festival, Perth 2010 BNMI Liminal Screens Co-production Residency Banff Centre, Canada
2008 Student Exchange Residency, Interface Cultures Linz
2008 ANAT Emerging Artists Mentorship Residency, Linz, Helsinki and Manchester 2005 AWESOME Arts Australia Bike Lab Residency, Carnarvon and Burringurrah

2021 TeleAgeiCulture: (R)Evolutionary Rather than Metamorphic, METAMORPHOSES Transformation, Mediality & Mediation, Kunstüniversität Linz
2021 Augmenting Ecological Aesthetics, Versorgerin
2021 Augmenting Nature: A Mixed Method Approach, FH-Salzburg
2021 Confessions from Fashion Media: An Augmented Product Approach to Communicating Sustainability, FH-Salzburg
2020 TeleAgriCulture: Augmenting Ecological Aesthetics, Taboo Transgression Transcendence Conference, University of Applied Arts, Vienna
2020 From Augmentation to Ecological Aesthetics, STWST New Contexts, Linz
2020 Augmenting Ecological Aesthetics, Dark Eden, Sydney
2019 TeleAgriculture_Rhizomatic Bias: V2_AI Meet Up, Rotterdam
2019 TeleAgriCulture: Augmentation Aesthetics to Save the World. SWST UNFINSIHED 48X, Linz 2019 An[o]ther {AI} in ArtSummit, New Museum, New York
2019 Revisiting the Clouds: Interfacing Open Weather Data and Augmentation Aesthetics for the Anthropocene. WAAG Biohack Academy, Amsterdam
2019 Augmentation Aesthetics and Bio-Digital Identity in Art, Interface Cultures, Linz
2018 When Creativity and Critique Lead the Way, Bio Art & Design, Global Community Bio Summit, MIT Media Lab, Boston
2018 Towards a Transdisciplinary Method: Teaching and research practices in immersive spaces and mixed realities. EVA London
2018 Selected Participant: Future Innovators Summit, Ars Electronica, Linz
2018 Exploring Bio-Digital Convergence in Art, SubnetTALK, Salzburg
2018 Designing Better Humans? WAAG Society, Amsterdam
2018 Revisiting the Cloud/s: Interfacing Open Weather Data for Live Performance EVA London
2017 A New Medium: How AR & VR is Shaping Art and our Future Lives, AWE Munich
2017, Oblique Strategies for Mixed Reality Art, Virtual Systems and Multimedia, Belfast
2017 Mixed Reality Aesthetics: Technical Bodies and Embodiment in Fashion, LCF London
2017 Data Body Trader: Body Augmentation and Post-Biological Organ Trade, EVA London
2017 How Technology Transforms Creativity, Craft and Perception, Berlin Fashion Film Festival, Berlin 2017 Revisiting the Cloud/s: Weather as Musical Interface for Post-Anthropocene Aesthetics, Taboo, Transgression Transcendence Conference, Corfu
2017 This is Not an Error: Gender Glitching, House of Vans, London
2017 Yima: A Proposition for Archiving Cultural Heritage through Objects Rather Than Human Subjectivity, Re:TRACE, Krems
2017 Random Cards/Oblique Strategies for Innovative Media Design. Tate Unconference, London 2017 Open Organs: Post-biological Organ Trade, OpenTech 2017, London
2016 Embodied Realities: Presence and Immersion in Mixed Reality, FH Salzburg
2016 Data Body Augmentation and Post-biological Organ Trade, Transimage Conference, Plymouth 2016 Data Body Bank DIY Tissue Farming Workshop, Art Meets Radical Openness, Linz
2016 Data Body Banking, Taboo Transgression Transcendence @ AVFEST2016, Corfu
2015 Advanced Traffic Light Interface: Countdown Timers to Increase User Experience, AutomotiveUI2015, University of Nottingham
2015, Adaptive Digital Sunshade: Blocking the Sun from Blinding the Driver, AutomotiveUI2015, University of Nottingham
2015 Beyond the Interface’ deconstructs the human-machine matrix, Wired UK
2015 MARart.org Data Body as Artifact Panel Series, ISMAR, Fukuoka
2015 Hybrid Ontologies: An Attempt to Define Networked Mixed Reality Art, ISEA,
2015 Data Body Banking: Understanding Post Biological Identity through Embodied Mixed Reality Art, EVA London
2015 Chair 14th IEEE ISMAR2015, Fukuoka (Head MASH’D Program/Steering Committee)
2014 Beyond the Interface: Interview with Marc Garrett and Julian Stadon, Art Tribune, Rome
2014 Excess and Passion: A New Method for Meaningful Design, FH Salzburg
2014 Wikitude Power Local Minds and Imagination, Salzburg
2014 13th IEEE ISMAR2013, Munich (European MASH’D Chair)
2014 Beyond the Interface Exhibition @ ISMAR2014, Munich (Curator)
2014 Hands free - Exploring AR glasses and their peculiarities, ISMAR Munich
2013 Cultures of Technologies and Interfaces, SimtechT, Brisbane
2013 2th IEEE ISMAR2013, Adelaide (Panel and Exhibition Chair)
2013 Real-Time Mixed Reality Data Transfer Art Systems, OS Kantine, Budapest
2013 Transreal Topologies @ ISMAR2013, Adelaide (Curator, Chair and Organiser)
2012 Nanotechnology and the Reconfiguring of Material Boundaries,3rd Art and Science International Symposium, China Science and Technology Museum, Beijing.
2011 Post-biological Agency in Mixed Reality Data Transfer in Augmented Reality-
Some Emerging Application Areas. InTech Publishing (Book Chapter)
2011 Syncretic Post-Biological Digital Identity: Hybridizing Mixed Reality Data Systems, IEEE/ACM DS- RT2011 Media City Salford.
2011 Post-Biological Hypersurfacing: Embodied Mixed Reality Data Transfer, 14th
IEEE/ACM/VGTC Cyberworlds2011 Banff Centre
2011 Seeking Syncretism in Post-biological Mixed Reality Data Transfer Systems,
ISEA2011 Istanbul
2011 A Syncretic Approach to Artistic Research in Mixed Reality Data Transfer,
IEEE ISMAR2011 Basel
2011 Hybrid Convergence :MARart Scoping Forum,10th IEEE ISMAR Basel
2010 The First International Conference on Transdisciplinary Imaging at the Intersections Between Art, Science and Culture, Sydney
2010 Arts Media and Humanities Panel, 9th IEEE ISMAR, Seoul
2010 Arts/Social Novel Media Forum, 9th IEEE ISMAR, Seoul
2010 Mixed Reality Feedback Art, C:ADM2010, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy
2009 Leonardo Educational Forum, Melbourne (Organiser)
2009 Re:live: Third International Conference on the Histories of Media (Organiser), Melbourne
2009 Media Art Scoping Symposium, Melbourne (Organiser)
2009 Project SLARiPS: An Investigation of Mediated Mixed Reality ISMAR, Orlando
2009 Mixed Reality Data Transfer for Virtual Studio Spaces, Perceptual Networks
Symposium, Fremantle
2009 Digital Archiving for the Evolution of New Media Art, ANAT Filter Magazine
2008 Fluid Bridging Virtual and Real Content in Mixed Reality Environments. Ideas to Data: Data to Ideas Symposium, Perth
2008 SLARiPs: Bridging AR Interfaces with Virtual Environments for Art Purposes. Salford University

2021 Schwemmland Linz
2021 Hafengarten Linz
2020 Vienna Business Agency
2020 Off Plate Frankfurt
2019/2020.2021 Stadtwerkstatt, Linz 2018/2019/2020 Cultivamos Cultura, Sào Luiś 2016/2018/2019/2020 V2_ Rotterdam 2019/2020 3erh0f, Leonding
2016-2019 Centre for Sustainable Fashion, London 2019 Lifthoofd, Rotterdam
2018 Blue Abyss, Liverpool
2018 Cyber Rabbit, London
2018 Ocado, Hatfield
2018 Propeller Arts, Hertfordshire
2018 MIT Media Lab, Boston
2018 WAAG Society, Amsterdam
2018 Ars Electronica, Linz
2018 Alexander McQueen London
2018 Pomellato/Dodo, Milan
2018 Victoria & Albert Museum, London
2017 Cultivamos Cultura, Lisbon
2017 Ciudad Creativa Digital, Guadaljara 2014-2016 MIAM MIAM Salzburg
2013-2017 WIKITUDE Salzburg
2017 Holition, London
2017 Digital Ping Pong @ LCF
2017 Tate Exchange London
2017 GUCCI, Florence, Italy
2017 Stella McCartney, London
2017 Trelleborg Museum, Sweden
2017 Museo Dolom.it, Italy
2017 Brighton Fringe, UK
2017 House of Vans, London
2015-2017 Haus der Natur, Salzburg
2016 Bosnian National Archive, Bosnia 2016-2017 Anemonal, Merida/Guadaljara Mexico 2016 Brighton Digital Festival, UK
2016 Boos Moog, Freilassing Germany
2016 Symantec, Singapore
2016 Play_Canvas, London
2014-2016 Residenz Galerie Salzburg
2015 Soup, Tokyo
2015 Stadtwerk Lehen, Salzburg
2015 KTM, Innsbruck
2015 Fukuoka City Museum, Fukuoka
2014 Red Bull Media House, Salzburg
2014 Mez Breeze Design
2014 BMW/Schnitzer Racing
2014 Disruption Lab, Berlin
2014 Furtherfield London
2014 Volkswagen, Munich
2013 Royal Institute Australia, Adelaide
2012 Qualcomm, Graz Austria
2011 Australia Council for the Arts, Sydney
2011 NERAM, Armidale
2005-2011 ARToolkit
2010 Phidgets, Banff
2010 BNMI, Banff
2010 IBM/Second Life, San Fransisco 2008-2010 Linden Lab
2008 Fogscreen, Helsinki
2008 Nokia S60, Linz/Helsinki
2008 NASA/Horizon Perth
2007 Emagin, California
2007 HITLab New Zealand

2021 Coalesce Centre for Biological Art Residency ($7000)
2021 ÖE1 Fixing the Future Award
2021 MakersXChange Hyperlocal Hyperglobal Residency (€2100)
2020 Vienna Design Week Urban Food Design Challenge (€3000) 2019-2020 V2_ Research Fellowship for TeleAgriCulture (€18 000)
2018 Selected Participant, Ars Electronica Future Innovators Summit (€600) 2017 Kering Award for Sustainable Fashion (£20 000)
2017 Ciudad Creativo Digital Guadalajara Project Grant (MXN$70000)
2016 Erhard Busek Prize for Cultural Exchange (€3250)
2015 Erasmus Teaching Grant (Salzburg/Halmstad) (€1200)
2015 Erasmus Teaching Grant (Salzburg/Australia) (€7200)
2015 Erhard Busek Prize for Cultural Exchange (€7500)
2015 IEEE VGTC Arts Funding Grant (€22000)
2014 EVA London Best Demo Award
2014 ISMAR Exhibition Grant (€ 26 500)
2013 RIAUS Art-Science Commission (AUD$11000)
2012 Perth/Beijing Science and Art Travel Funding (AUD$3500)
2011 Australia Council NBN Geek in Residence Grant ($47500)
2011 PIAF Dialogues with Landscape Second Life Commission ($2000) 2011 Curtin Post Graduate Conference Support Award ($2600)
2010 DCA ArtFlight Grant ($4000)
2010 Recipient BNMI Liminal Screens Co-production Grant ($2300)
2009 Australian Post Graduate Award ($45000)
2008 Curtin Research Scholarship ($60 000)
2008 ARTSWA Artflight Grant ($5000)
2007 ANAT Emerging Artist's Mentorship Grant ($10000)
Exhibitions & Events