Leonel Moura

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Currently based
Lisboa, Portugal

Leonel Moura is a pioneer in the application of robotics and artificial intelligence in art.
In 2001 he created the first robot arm able to generate unique paintings operate by an ‘ant algorithm’. In 2003 a swarm of ‘Painting Robots’ were able to produce artworks based on simple rules and emergent behavior. Since then, he has produced several artbots, each time more autonomous and sophisticated. RAP (Robotic Action Painter), 2006, created for a permanent exhibition at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, is able to generate highly creative and unique art works, to decide when the work is ready and to sign it, which it does with a distinctive signature.
ISU (The Poet Robot), 2006, creates poems and paintings with letters and words.
In 2007 he opened the Robotarium, the first zoo dedicated to robots and artificial life.
Other works include 3D sculptures, interactive installations, augmented reality, generative art, space art and theatre with the play R.U.R. from Karel Capek premiered in São Paulo in 2010 with 3 robots performing aside 3 human actors.
With the project “Bebot”, a swarm of robots able to create unique art works, he participate in the shows “Artistes & Robots”, Expo Astana (2017), Kazakhstan, Grand Palais, Paris (2018), and “Brain”, Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon (2019).
The recently created swarm of robots, coined NEO, performs for the first time at UCCA, Beijing in 2020, in the exhibition “Immaterial/Re-material. A Brief History of Computing Art”.
Since the summer of 2019, he has an installation of 17 virus-like Augmented Reality sculptures in several locations of the city of Lisbon. It was a premonitory enterprise.
In 2009 he was appointed European Ambassador for Creativity and Innovation by the European Commission.
Leonel Moura promotes a new kind of art based on machine creativity.

Art shows, presentations and conferences (selection)
“Immaterial/Re-material: A Brief History of Computing Art”, UCCA, Beijing
Voices, Museum of Natural History, Lisbon
The Surrealist Robot, ISPA, Lisbon
Nonhuman Art, Berkeley Center for New Media, Osher Theater, BAMPFA, Berkeley
Voxel, silkscreen edition with Augmented Reality
Brain, wider than the sky, Gulbenkian, Lisbon
CGD collection, Centro de Artes Oliva, S. João da Madeira
Voxel (Augmented Reality edition), CPS with NextReality, Lisbon
Comet, Now_Beato, Lisbon
Santander, Masterclasse, Lisbon
FFMS, Jardim Botânico Tropical, Lisbon
CGD collection, Centro de Artes, Ponte de Sor
Artists & Robots, Grand Palais, Paris
Artists & Robots, Expo Astana, Kazakhstan
New Art Fest ’16, MUNHAC
Ram Gallery / Rotterdam
Game-on, New University of Lisbon
Geek Picnic, Moscow / St. Petersburg
Centro Nacional de Cultura, Lisbon
ANA Museum, Lisbon Airport
Nefilum, Braga
Centro de Arte Moderna, Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon
Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon
The National Museum of Contemporary Art , Lisbon
Europa, 3D sculpture for the European Commission, Lisbon
The great artist of tomorrow will not be human, CCB, Lisbon
InDeSem ’15, TU Delft, Delft
Mons 2015, Mons
The Chinese Paintings, LxFactory, Lisbon
The Art Inside, 11 paintings for Nespresso, LxFactory, Lisbon
Ram Foundation, Rotterdam
PRO (Painting Robots Orchestra), LxFactory
Artificial Comet, LxFactory, Lisbon
Beam Me Up!, Centro de Artes, Ponte de Sor
PRO (Painting Robots Orchestra), CCB, Belém
PRO (Painting Robots Orchestra), CCB, Belém
Future Cities, Porto
Beam Me Up!, LxFactory, Lisbon
PRO (Painting Robots Orchestra), CCB, Belém
New Robotarium, Alverca
Akbank Jazz Festival, Istanbul
IN Festival, Lisbon
1813, Asedio, incendio y destrucción de Donostia, ST Museo, San Sebastián
Workshop, Mostra Nacional de Ciência, Lisbon
TEDx Aveiro
design 2.0, lisbon
Technarte, Bilbao
ISCTE, Lisbon
X-Agendas for Architecture, Experimentation in Design, TU Delft
Consciousness Reframed 12, CCB, Lisbon
Paradigm Shift Serralves Collection 60’s 70’s, MUSAC, Castilla y Leon
Launching of The Istanbul Manifesto at the Galata Perform, Istanbul
Fundamentally Human, Pera Museum, Istanbul
LIFE – version of science, Contemporary Art Center “Winzavod”, Moscow
TechFest, Mumbai, India
IADE, lesson, Lisbon
Arte e Social, ICS, Lisbon
Ars Itineris, Museu de l’Art de la Pell ciudad de Vic, España
ISU, new paintings, LxFactory, Lisbon
Portugal Tecnológico, FIL, Lisbon
ActaMedia 8, Architecture Faculty, University of São Paulo
RUR, The birth of the robot, Itaú Cultural, São Paulo
Artificial Emotion 5.0, Itaú Cultural, São Paulo
ONI, Chiado Museum, Lisbon
Utopic Nights, Teatro-Cine, Torres Vedras
Artomaton, MediaRuimte, Brussels
Metasonic III, Goethe Institut, Lisbon
CPLP Art Meeting, Centro de Congressos, Lisbon
Nomadic.0910, Art School, Porto
Instituto Superior de Agronomia, Lisbon
IADE, Lisbon
IED, Madrid
Universidade Nova, Caparica
Fondación Botí, Cordoba
DA Gallery, Berlin
INSIDE [art and science], Cordoaria, Lisbon
Espace d’Art Contemporain, Saint Martin, Montélimar
Tese, LxFactory, Lisbon
“20, 21”, Robotarium Space, LxFactory, Lisbon
Academia das Artes, Ponta Delgada, Azores
Arte de Capacitar, LxFactory, Lisboa
Institute of Intermedia, Prague
Museu da Água de Coimbra, Coimbra
Museu Municipal de Tavira, Tavira
Galeria NovaOgiva, Obidos
Museu Municipal de Loures, Loures
SPOT, Lisboa
Teatro da Trindade, Lisboa
Encontro Nacional da APECV, Viseu
Launching of the European Year of Creativity and Innovation, Prague
ISCTE, Lisbon
SHiFT 08, Lisbon
Emergęncia, Bienal Internacional de Arte e Tecnologia, Itáu Cultural, Săo Paulo, Brasil
Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, Madrid
Mechanisms of Creativity, Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisboa
Museu Grăo Vasco, Viseu
Museu da Cidade, Almada
“Evolution Haute Couture: Art and Science in the Post-Biological Age”, XXX Moscow International Film Festival (MIFF), Moscow
“Evolution Haute Couture: Art and Science in the Post-Biological Age”, National Centre for Contemporary Arts, Kaliningrad
Made in New York, 12 drawings by RAP, LEONEL MOURA ARTe Gallery
End of The History of Art, several robots, LEONEL MOURA ARTe Gallery
ISU: Senseless Poems, LEONEL MOURA ARTe Gallery
FastForward, Palazzo delle Arti Napoli
Olhares de Outono, UCP, Porto
Robotarium, Lisbon Architecture Triennale, Lisboa
ArtEscapes, EvoMusArt, Valencia
GA2007, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
How to teach a robot to kill the father, Universidade de Évora, Évora
Art Flow, ISEG, Lisboa
Codebits, Sapo, Lisboa
Cidades Criativas, CAELO, Odivelas
Creative Cities, ANMP, Oeiras
From Artificial Intelligence to Artificial Art, Psicanálise e Mudança, Lisboa
Robot Art Gallery, works by artist BOTME, Lisboa
Robot Art Gallery, works by artist MBOT6, Lisboa
Hall of Human Origins, American Museum of Natural History, New York (permanent collection)
Lycée Grandmont, Collection FRAC Centre, Tours
Museu Arqueológico do Carmo, Lisboa
Robotic Art, Cięncia Viva, Aveiro
Arbots, Gent: The Robot Talent Show, Gent
Dada 2.0, António Prates Gallery, Lisboa
Art and robots, IAC, Azores
Robotic Art, ISCTE, Lisboa
Robotic Art, ESTC, Amadora
Creative Commons, UMIC, Lisboa
Robotic Art, Shift, Lisboa
Robotic Art, Best, Lisboa
Artware3, 2005, ICPNA, Lima, Peru
Mbots, 2005, Ram Galerie, Rotterdam
Robots, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam
Mbots, CCB, Centro Cultural de Belém, Lisboa
Robotic Art Workshop, Faculty of Architecture, Delft
Mbots, Flash Art Show, Bologne
Mbots, Serralves, Porto
Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, Rotterdam
Bioart, António Prates Gallery, Lisboa
XIII Biennial, Vila Nova de Cerveira
Théâtre de Privas Gallery, France
Lattuada Studio, Milan
Trayecto Gallery, Victoria
Luis Serpa Gallery, Lisboa
Bioart, Institut Franco-Portugais, Lisboa
Post-Human, Ler Devagar, Lisboa
Artbots, The Mink Building, New York
Artech, Lisboa
Painting Robots, Accademia di Brera, Milan
Symbiotic Art, António Prates Gallery, Lisboa
Painting Robots, GA2004, Milan
Mourabots, IST, Lisboa
Symbiotic Art Manifest, CNC, Lisboa
Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris
Frédéric Giroux Gallery, Paris
Fundación el Monte, Sevilla
Art & complexity, the Mourabots, Universidade de Évora, Évora
Palacio de la Merced, Cordoba
Valencia biennial, Valencia
Atelier Culture, Dunkerque
Artificial Life, Institut Franco-Portugais, Lisboa
Art & ants, Bienal de Cerveira, Vila Nova de Cerveira
Art & ants, Galeria ZDB, Lisboa
Ants, trails and anarchy, Centro Atlantico de Arte Moderno, Canarias
New ideas for art, Real Fundación de Toledo, Toledo
AVIDA, Ler Devagar, Lisboa
Artificial Life, INSA (Institut National des Sciences Appliquées), Lyon
Voronoi, Museu de História Natural, Lisboa
Voronoi, Proyecto Gallery, Vitoria
Le Rectangle, Lyon
Fundación del ICO, Madrid
RGB collages, Atelier, Lisboa
Université de Nanterre, Nanterre

Ancient Art

Personal exhibitions (selection)

Melancolia, Hall des Humanités, Insa, Lyon
Ram Galerie, Rotterdam
António Prates Gallery, Lisboa
Meta architecture, Trem and Arco Gallery, Faro
Trans-ports, Institute of Contemporary Art, Villeurbanne
Quadrado Azul Gallery, Porto
Visor Gallery, Valencia
Quadrado Azul Gallery, Porto
Leonel Moura and Andrés Serrano, MEIAC (Museo Extremeńo e Iberoamericano de Arte Contemporáneo), Badajoz
Oliva Arauna Gallery, Madrid
Ram Galerie, Rotterdam
Kunstlerhaus, Dortmund
Verney-Carron Gallery, Villeurbanne
Works, retrospective 1985/1995, Nouveau Musée/Institut, Villeurbanne
Árvore Gallery, Porto
Graça Fonseca Gallery, Lisboa
Ram Galerie, Rotterdam
Claude Fain Gallery, Paris
Graça Fonseca Gallery, Lisboa
Oliva Arauna Gallery, Madrid
Diferença Gallery, Lisboa
Graça Fonseca Gallery, Lisboa
Centre Saint-Vincent, Herblay
Diane Brown Gallery, New York
Fluxus Gallery, Porto
Oliva Arauna Gallery, Madrid
Valentim de Carvalho Gallery, Lisboa
Diane Brown Gallery, New York
Acta Gallery, Milan
Graça Fonseca Gallery, Lisboa
Benet Costa Gallery, Barcelona
Bébert Gallery, Rotterdam
Montenegro Gallery, Madrid
Meyers/Bloom Gallery, Los Angeles
Cómicos Gallery, Lisboa

Collective exhibitions (selection)

MEIAC collection, Centro Cultural de Cascais, Cascais
Ram Foundation, Rotterdam
Institut d’Art Contemporain, Villeurbanne
Museu Abade de Baçal, Bragança
Bianca Gallery, Palermo
Sociedade Martins Sarmento, Guimarăes
CCB, Lisboa
Serralves Foundation, Porto
FRAC, Orléans
Sala da las Atarazanas, Valęncia
Ayuntamiento de Pamplona, Pamplona
Sala Amárica, Alava
DV Gallery, San Sebastian
MEIAC, Badajoz
Quadrado Azul Gallery, Porto
Sala Canal de Isabel II, Madrid
Kunsthalle Wien, Viena
Gabrijel Gallery, Sarajevo
Nouveau Musée/Institut d’Art Contemporain, Villeurbanne

“Beam me up“, Emanuel Pimenta, Genco Gulan, Holger Lippmann, Kas Oosterhuis, Ken Goldberg, Ken Rinaldo, Leonel Moura, Miguel Chevalier, ORLAN, Ozan Ertug, Stelarc, Suzanne Anker, Telmo Alcobia, Zaven Paré. 3D printed sculptures
LxFactory, Lisbon and Centro de Artes, Ponte de Sor
“INSIDE [art and science]”, Lisbon
Utopia Biennial, Architopia, Human Genome International Conference, Cascais
Expo’98, Territory Pavilion, Lisbon
Artists/Architects, Belém Cultural Center, Lisbon
Utopia Biennial, Art and Science, Cascais

The Surrealist Robot, Bebot edition
Bebot, Bebot edition
Comet, Bebot edition
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A invasão dos robôs, Aletheia
Nonhuman Art, LXXL
Symbiotic Art, facsimle reedition, LXXL
Robot Art, LXXL
Hiperdesign, IADE edition
“30 gramos”, Leonel Moura, Alvarellos Editor, (in spanish)
“30 gramos”, Leonel Moura, Alvarellos Editor, (in galician)
Livro do Desassossego Tecnológico, Edition LxXL
“30 gramas”
Poesia Robótica (Robot Poetry), Leonel Moura with ISU, Museu da Água de Coimbra
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