Pedro Alves da Veiga

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Universidade Aberta; CIAC - Research Centre for Arts and Communication

Pedro Alves da Veiga is a Portuguese transdisciplinary artist and researcher. He holds a degree in Computer Science (Nova University of Lisbon), a Post-graduation in Advanced Studies of Digital Media Art (Aberta University) and a PhD in Digital Media Art (Aberta University and the University of Algarve). He has a two-decade business career in web-design and information systems, including the launch and sale of two IT companies and several multimedia and web-design awards. He is currently a Professor at the Aberta University, in Lisbon, where he is also the subdirector of the Digital Media Arts PhD programme. He is a member of CIAC's Scientific Council (Research Center for Arts and Communication), a collaborator of ID+ research centre, and regularly publishes and shares results of his arts-based and theoretical research. His research is grounded on the intersection of art, science and technology, and is mostly focused on interactive installations, creative programming, mixed media assemblage, multimedia generative systems, new media artivism and curatorship, and theoretical work on a/r/cography – a digital arts-based creative research methodology. His artworks are an investigation into representations and conceptualisations of facts and situations as well as depictions of ideals and interventions, optimally materialised through media art. They demand and challenge the audience's attention, metaphorically expressing his intentions through aesthetics and technology, while allowing the audience to freely interpret and build the narrative through interaction and exploration. His artworks have been exhibited in Portugal, Brazil, Spain, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Romania, Russia, China, Thailand and USA.

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