Rewa Wright


I am fascinated by human/techno/plant relations in dynamic systems and networked assemblages. Working with new technology against the grain, my research takes a positive yet critical approach, framed by new materialism and posthumanism. I have presented my academic and artistic research internationally in Portugal, Canada, Hong Kong, London and New Zealand, and published several book chapters on augmented reality/mixed reality as an emergent cultural paradigm. I like to weave together theory and practice in philosophy, cyberfeminism, interaction design, technoculture, camera-less photography and real-time 3D modelling, to think through some of the thorny problems posed by our new hybrid physical and digital spaces. I am indigenous Maori from Ngapuhi/Te Rarawa/Te Uri o Hau hapu of Aotearoa/New Zealand ( my name means to float on the water or to meet on high, depending on the context). Embodied gestures from kapa haka ( a traditional dance modality), which I learnt as a child/teenager, are emergent in my mixed reality performances, blended with data visualisations and the ephemeral movements of light and sound in extended reality.

Exhibitions & Events