Dejan Grba

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Currently based
Belgrade, Serbia
Affiliated institution
Digital Art Program, Interdisciplinary Graduate Center, University of the Arts

Dejan Grba's research in new media art combines mutually inspired artistic and theoretical work. In art projects, he explores the creative, technical and relational aspects of generative systems by defining new ways to interrelate the material and procedural features of various media with the narrative, expressive, experiential and reflexive values. Merging his technical background with extensive training in visual art disciplines, Dejan's new media practice is founded on research and experimentation, and is stylistically open. He has an active exhibition track with numerous solo shows, group exhibitions, festivals and curatorial projects in internationally renowned venues.
In theoretical work, Dejan examines the creative aspects of generative art within the conceptual, cognitive, and educational frameworks of new media art, science/technology and digital culture. Drawing on a well-established discourse in new media studies, his theoretical approach integrates exploration of literature with inquiry, reflection and artistic experience. It is informed by computer science, physics, biology and cognitive sciences, which allows him to combine critical thinking with empirical assessment, and to cultivate an awareness for fallacies and biases that manifest in the arts, science and technology.
Since 2015, his publication portfolio includes 35 contributions to peer-reviewed journals, edited volumes and conference proceedings. With nine papers and a book project currently in development, Dejan is conducting an extensive study of inventiveness, expression and meaning making in generative and AI art practices. It addresses diverse aspects of creativity in the arts, humanities and computer science by examining the artists’ and scientists’ approaches to digital technologies, the artistic overtones of science and engineering, and the ambiguities which influence these related fields. It explores the cognitive aspects of technological, methodological and content-related enrichment of human creativity, and the possible approaches to facilitating the authentic creative capabilities of automated systems.

Dejan Grba is an artist, researcher and educator. He explores the cognitive, technical, poetic and relational features of experimental new media art. Dejan has exhibited and taught in Europe, Asia, Australia, North and South America, and published papers in journals, conference proceedings, and books worldwide. Dejan has been appointed an Associate Professor at the SCT/XJTLU in Suzhou. In 2019/2020 he was a Visiting Associate Professor at the School of Art Design and Media, Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. He has served as a Co-founding Associate Professor with Digital Art Program at Interdisciplinary Graduate Center, University of the Arts in Belgrade since 2005, and as a Founding Chair and Associate Professor at New Media Department, Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade from 1998 to 2020.
CGA2018 Interview:

The interview for VFXSerbia, with Zlatko Milojicic (VFXSerbia), Miloš Miloševic (VFXSerbia) and Mladen Savkovic (PR of CGA). It took place on occasion of the VR to Begin With panel that I hosted at the CGA 2018 conference in Yugoslav Cinematheque in Belgrade on 16 November 2018. The panelists were Johanna Pirker (TU Graz), Ninoslav Adžibaba (VRlabs Belgrade) and Vladimir Todorovic (UWA Perth).