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Lila Chitayat is an architect, new media artist and an experimental practitioner of design. She is a research based educator of multidisciplinary design processes and experience design.In 2002 Lila founded LinC studio, a transdisciplinary design studio utilizing new technologies, materials and computational patterns to produce a wide range of projects and scales, including urban art installations, art exhibition design and architectural space design.
Lila works as an interactive media artist, creating space oriented installations and implement this into exhibition design. Recent exhibition design includes Design and Matter Israel Museum, Eichman facing the truth Installation 2018, Sound and Matter in Design, Holon Design Museum 2017, Cats & Dogs Exhibition Installations, Israel Museum,2018, ‘Birthday Exhibition’ at Israel Museum Jerusalem 2015, Dress Code FLag Exhibition IMJ 2014, New-Types at IMJ 2015, Hero Exhibition at Beit Hatfuzot 2016, Zion Square temporary Forest Installation 2016, Architecture & Animation at Vitrina gallery HIT 2014, Curation and Design of Art & Technology Exhibition, St.Petersburg 2016, Curation and Design of Art/ Technology/Science exhibition, Kiev 2013 and curating Il-Machine at Ars Campus 2013.
Lila is a full time senior lecturer at the Design faculty of H.I.T institute of technology teaching the Master's Program in Integrative Design and at the Interior Design department. Lila is head of computational studies, leading multidisciplinary studies, Space Installations and speculative design courses, she was a visiting professor at Shenkar School of Design and at the Innovationlab at ITP NYU tisch school. Lila holds a Master in Advanced Architectural Design from Columbia University, a B.Arch from Pratt Institute, NY. and a B.Des from Holon Inst. of Tech.


* LinC Studio | Architecture Design & New Media, Creative Director/ Founder
* Creating spatial design for museum exhibitions, urban installations, public spaces.
* Innovative Designer and Cultural Entrepreneur
* Interactive Experiences using new technologies as an artistic medium of expression and communication of complex informations.
Clients include: Israel Museum, Erez Israel Museum, Beit Hatfuzot, Science Museum, H.I.T Gallery, Hansen Media center
Tel Aviv Berlin 2002- present

Senior full time faculty/ Design Department @ H.I.T | Holon Institute of Technology, Teaching at the Master's Program for ‘Integrated Design’ leading virtual- real lab, new-urban intervention lab, speculative design lab
Teaching multidisciplinary studies for design at the Interior design department, Space/ Object installations for Interior Design/ pavilions, new materials and morphologies, Urban Installations for social change

Columbia University, New York GSAPP
M.Arch, Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation
Ny New York 2000-2002
Pratt Institute, New York
B.Arch, Architecture School
Ny New York 1997-1999
H.I.T, Holon Institute of Science & Technology
B.Des, Interior Design Department
Ny New York 1991-1995
Art Student League, New York

+ Sound and Matter in Design, Design Museum Holon
Interactive design, Exhibition design and installation and curation of 2 new exhibits , June. 2017 co- Curators/ co- creators : Lila Chitayat. Anat Safran
+ Taxilink, Krakow, Poland, Interactive installation connecting live Jerusalem and Krakow, June. 2017 co- creator with Alon Chitayat
+ Wag the Cat , Israel Museum, Interactive installation
+ Nap , Israel Museum, Interactive installation May. 2017
+ Cattish/ Dogish , Israel Museum, Interactive video installation May. 2017
+ Ideal Jerusalem - Interactive Art Installation Erata, St. Petersburg
+ Ideal Jerusalem - Interactive Art Installation Solo Exhibition, Haifa, Museum of Art, Curator: Svetlana Reingold
+ Jerusalem Soft Wall- Jerusalem Design Week at Hansen, A site speciphic hand woven ‘air brick’ wall with video projection 2016
+ Aired Brick Wall- New Crafts, Vitrina Gallery for design at H.I.T
a hand woven ‘air brick’ wall with video projection 2015
+ And one for next Year- Interactive art installation commissioned by Israel Museum for 50 year Celebrations, Youth Wing, 2015
+ Birthday Table- Interactive video installation commissioned by Israel Museum for 50 year Celebrations, Youth Wing, 2015
+ Waking Life- Interactive art installation using subtle hand gestures to awaken and communicate with virtual characters. with Alon Chitayat and Niv Itay shown at kiev art and technology and the Hansen House Jerusalem, 2014
+ Mirrored storytelling- interactive kinect based mirror installation, Hansen House, Jerusalem
+ The House of the Unhappy || Augmented Reality
installed in hand crafted pop up books, a series of ten short stories hidden in books and awakened through AR. with Alon Chitayat. shown at Hansen House Jerusalem, Ars Electronica festival 2013 and Kiev art and technology exhibition, 2014
+ Mediating Edges: thornes and air brick installation, Ars Electronica festival
Campus 2013 with Eitan Vitkon, 2013
+ White Tent City, urban live interactive installation at the Tel Aviv Museum piazza for the Tel Aviv Art Year With Alon Chitayat , 2012
+ PixelHotel TLV An art installation and production of an interactive live bit project between Jerusalem and Linz, Austria. collaboration with Anat Safran and Any-time Architects Austria , 2011
+ MIC My Ideal City international virtual city exhibition, Architect and designer of ‘Jerusalem Ideal Virtual City’. Work commissioned by Blumfeild Science Museum Jerusalem, 2010
+ TaxiLink project- a selection of the ARS Electronica Festival 2009 and winner of PRIX ARS, 2010

+ Sound and Matter in Design, Design Museum Holon
Interactive design, Exhibition design and installation and curation of 2 new exhibits , June. 2017 co- Curators/ co- creators : Lila Chitayat. Anat Safran
+ Objects of Design, Israel Museum, Interactive design, Exhibition design and installation for 350 object, May. 2017 Curator: Dan Handel
+ Cats & Dogs, Israel Museum, Interactive design, Exhibition design and installation, May. 2017 Curator: Orna Granot
+ Broken Spaces, Raanana Gallery, Interactive installation group exhibit
May. 2017 Curator: Yael Eylat van Essen
+ World Photo Press and Local Testemony Exhibition Design, Erez Israel Museum, Exhibition design and installation for 2 photography exhibits
Tel- Aviv. May. 2016 Curator: Micha Kirshner
+ Art/ Science & Technology Israely Perspective, Erata Museum St. Petersburg, Co- Curation and Exhibition design forInteractive technology based Exhibition, Russia. 2016 with the cultural center St. Petersburg & H.I.T
+ Zion Square temporary forest, Zion Square urban installation
Urban art installation of 45 trees/ herbs and earth on wheels for public use
Jerusalem. 2016 with: Muslala & Jerusalem Culture Season
+ Jewish Heroes, Beit Hatfuzot, Exhibition design and installation for children's gallery. interactive and technology based design
Tel- Aviv. May. 2016 with Faza, Museum Curator: Orit Shaham Gover/ Artistic Director: Liron Zabary
+ New Types, Israel Museum Jerusalem
Exhibition design and installation for the classic Jewish typographers
Oct. 2015 Curator: Ada Vardi
+ Happy Birthday, Israel Museum Jerusalem,, Exhibition design and installation for the 50 year birthday celebrations
May 2015 Curator: Orna Granot
+ Not Yet, Already. Animation and Architecture H.I.T Research gallery, Holon, exhibition design and installation of the leading architectural firms such as: UN Studio, Zaha Hadid, Diller, Scofidio & Renfro, MVRDV and more
Curator: Dr. Yael Eylat Van Essen Nov.2014
+ Art & Technology, Israeli Perspectives, Kiev, Ukraine
Co-Curator and designer of a traveling interactive new media exhibit. soon to be shown at Moscow with Oct.2014
+ Dress Codes, Israel Museum Jerusalem
Exhibition design and installation of the flagship exhibition of the Israel Museum. 1200 sqm halls including more than 150 unique costumes from the Israel museum archives.
April, 2014 Curator:Efrat Assaf Shapira
+ Ars Campus IL, Ars Electronica campus exhibition in Linz, Austria
Initiator and Art director of the prestigious visiting campus exhibition for the ars electronica festival.
Sep. 2013
+ The exhibition ‘IL(L) Machine’
Curator and designer of a first time academic collaboration including 36 art/ design/ technological projects from ten leading academic institutes from Israel, Sep. 2013
+ Hansen Hospital Augmented Reality art Project Hansen House
October 2013, + ’The Syrian people know their way’ : Exhibition of Syrian uprising Posters , Designer at the Vitrina Gallery, H.I.T
+ Valie Export Ticho House, Israel museum, Jerusalem
Exhibition installation and Design. 2010 Curator: Timna Zeligman
+ Writing Video Ticho House, Israel museum, Jerusalem, Exhibition installation and Design
+ Other Faces: Many masks, Israeli Museum Jerusalem
Exhibition Installation and design, 2009 Curator: Efrat Natan
+ Israeli Museum first Exhibit at Bet Mani Tel- Aviv part 1&2 of art
Exhibition design with Oren Sagiv


+ Jewish Festival, Krakov 2017
+ Mixer Festival, Belgrad 2017
+ Steamer Salon, Interactive Storytelling Festival CCA 2016
+ Art & Design Exhibition design thinking and processes, H.I.T 2015
+ Urban Interventions to Convey Social Change, Keynote
WEF, Global Shapers, Vilnius Shape Europe Conference, Vilnius, 2015
+ Smart Cities Smart Citizens, workshop
WEF, Global Shapers, Vilnius Shape Europe Conference, Vilnius, 2015
+ Interactive and Digital
Jerusalem Seminar, Jerusalem, 2014
+ Interactive Urban Interventions to Connect Citizens
Israel- German Congress, Berlin, 2013
+ Women Architects and Technology
Architectural International Symposium, Architecture/ Technology And Woman, Holon, 2012
+ The first International Conference art Technology Science 2010

Participating in EXHIBITIONS

+ Raanana Gallery Exhibition technology and art 2017
+ Haifa Museum Solo Exhibition part of post=/Post utopia 2016
+ St. Petersburg Russia 2016
+ Jerusalem Design Week 2016
+New Craft, H.I.T Design Gallery 2015
+Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Birthday 2015
+Kiev Art & Technology israeli Perspective
+Hansen House 2014
+Ars Campus Il Linz, Austria 2013
+Taxilink Creative City Fair Spain
+Musrara Jerusalem 2013
+Smart art and technology group show 2012
+The first International Conference art Technology Science 2010
+M.I.C at the museum of science Jerusalem 2009
+80 plus 1 Linz Austria Ars Electronica 2009
+ "Infinity" Video screening, Center for Arts, Tel-Aviv
+ "Gestured Wall" Video Art exhibited at Opera House - Paz project
+ "I Write in Order to Peruse Myself" Video Art by Lila and Alon Chitayat,
+ exhibited at Bet Michal Cultural Center, Rehovot
+ "Block Magazine – Gestures of an Edged Space", Lavontin, Tel-Aviv
+ "40/40 Exhibition of Young Architects", Architect Center, Jaffo, Tel-Aviv
+“Bridging Memories”- Architecture exhibition at Clockwork Gallery, NY


NYU-ITP InnovationLab, studio leader
Reimagining Exhibition Spaces for Museums and Urban Spaces 2015

H.I.T Master Program of Integrated Design Labs
Virtual real lab
New urbanism and interventions
Speculative design
Architecture and motion

H.I.T Interior Design Studio Leader
Pavilions/ Installations/ Exhibitions Studios
4th year studio Instructor
Speculative design thinking
Interventions in urban spaces

H.I.T Member of AIU Academic Innovation Hub initiators focusing of creating an academic multidisciplinary process 2014- present

H.I.T Tempus Idea Seminar and Course for multidisciplinary design 2014-present

H.I.T Head of computational studies at the Interior Design Department 2010-present
H.I.T Head of Design representation and visual communication studies at the department of interior design


2017 H.I.T Excellence in Design
2015-6 H.I.T Excellence in Teaching
2011 H.I.T Excellence in Design
2009 H.I.T Excellence in Design
2010 Prix ARS Electronica Festival / Interactive Art Honorary Mention (TaxiLink)

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