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escritor y comisario crítico de arte volcado en la difusión y promoción del arte público y las artes digitales

writer and art critic consultant devoted to spreading and promotion of public and digital art

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tras haber embarcado en madrid, pasar por santiago de chile (SCL), la ciudad de nueva york (NYC) y melbourne (MEL)



_valija diplomática low cost_ continúa su periplo



y este viernes once de marzo a las siete de la tarde ( 19:00h/11.03.16 )



se inaugura en



Academia de España en Roma

Piazza San Pietro in Montorio




donde permanecerá expuesta hasta el diez de abril ( 10.04.16 )


de martes a domingo


entre las 10:00 h y las 18:00 h




con los mismos artistas que forman la exposición e idénticas obras, y la aparición estelar de luigi pagliarini, artista italiano residente en roma, quien será el responsable del montaje en esta ocasión (desde aquí mi agradecimiento) y oficiará de maestro de ceremonias



New York .us (Antonio Ortuño) _Trasiegos accidentados_


Montevideo .uy (Brian Mackern) _Temporal de Santa Rosa_


Londres .uk (Carla Cruz) _Todos somos inmigrantes_


Santiago de Chile .cl (Demian Schopf) _Escultura_


Madrid .es (Gustavo Romano) _The Time Transfers Suitcase_


Auckland .nz (Paul Cullen) _The Orange Theory_


Melbourne .au (Peter Burke) _Attaché Case_


Munich .de (Rut Massó), _BosqueBobina 2015_


Oporto .pt (Rute Rosas) _Travessia censurada_


Istanbul .tr (Volkan Diyaroglu) _DIPLOMATIC DETOX_


Paris .fr (Quique Ramírez) _Fuera de campo_


México df .mx (Arcángel Constantini) + _RelaxAcizor De Luxe_


Buenos Aires .ar (Ciro Múseres) _Valija Diplomática Múseres_


Stockholm .se (Isabel Löfgren + Mats Hjelm) + _Monólogo molecular_


Rome .it (Luigi Pagliarini) _high-cost lover_


São Paulo .br (RAfachEL Co: Rafael Marchetti & Rachel Rosalen) _Do Not Open!_



Bajo comisariado de:


Valencia .es (Nilo Casares)


Nilo Casares es escritor y comisario crítico de arte volcado en la difusión y promoción del arte público y las artes digitales





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valija diplomática low cost
Jury’s decision in II Open Call for EX Experimental New Media Art Prize

EX asociación de arte electrónico y EXperimental




the Jury for the II Open Call for EX Experimental New Media Art Prize announce their verdict as follows:


The Jury, consisting of Nilo Casares, Jaime Lavagne and Arturo Moya Villén, in order to pass judgement on the II EX Experimental New Media Art Prize, held a meeting at five p.m. on the 19th of January 2016 and, after a long deliberation, decided to




the First EX Experimental New Media Art Prize, worth a thousand euros, to the piece BNC B by Martin Reiche (Germany), both for its artistic quality and for an extraordinary synaesthesia that offers the video-work’s visual experience as a journey into the inner depths and wiring on which every digital work depends –to the extent that they would not exist without such wiring– and for displaying a digital transparency that only works within this art dare to showcase, allowing us to see what they are made of, yet not how they have been implemented.


The Second EX Prize allocates one of the Just Residence artist-in-residence programs, organized by JustMAD, to the piece Blowjob (400 milisegundos) by José Sánchez (Spain) for developing an interplay that, albeit plainly presented, maintains its complexity, transforming the ordinary action of blowing into a surreal experience in which our gaze becomes our lips. With this second piece, in the II Edition of these Awards we want to emphasise deceit and illusion as being core elements in contemporary art, suggesting how emerging technologies can aid us through different paths to new magical places.



This Award seeks to highlight individual pieces as much as it strives to scrutinise digital art’s current state, never neglecting expository coherence in doing so. Thus, with the aim of keeping in harmony all selected works, we would now like to select the following works to be shown at Just Tech 16 (New Media’s section of JustMAD7):


The Mailman’s Bag by PolakVanBekkkum (Netherlands), which we consider to be a humorous intersection of sound art, smartphone-induced GPS frenzy, and a great glitch atmosphere that surrounds us, from this reality infuriated by the presence of an error which we can’t avoid because all around us there is only noise.


Jane by Ian Filtman (England), because it dives into an emotional chaos “à la carte”, which invades us with confusion using games as rogue and mischievous as those employed by Joyce in his play ‘Exiles’, this time with a theatrical execution, and a transparent panoply which does not inherently allow a clear following of love’s (and heartbreak’s) happenstances.


Environment Dress by María Castellanos and Alberto Valverde (Spain), for its development in the ways to connect things to individuals and their clothing, following an impending course of internet of things, a course that threatens to link everyone and everything to the Intervention and Control Technologies into which the ICTs that we all cherish have evolved.

Jury’s decision in II Open Call for EX Experimental New Media Art Prize
Low Cost Diplomatic Bag
Low Cost Diplomatic Bag
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