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Digital works by david Opp can be found at http://www.day-dream.com/w/pagefrontpage/ [1996 - 2001]

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David Oppenheim is an artist / musician / educator living and working in Tel-Aviv. He studied graphic design, video and animation at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, Graduated summa cum laude, 1992. He completed his MFA at the Haifa University in 2014.

He moved to New York in 92 where he got involved in experimental net art and created commissioned web-installations as well as developing Day-Dream.com, an ongoing experimental web project that was formatted as a zine containing abstract & unconventional interactive pieces. This project was added to the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art San Francisco.

He moved back to Israel in 2001, continued with the DEVICE project, shown in group & solo exhibitions, and was commissioned by the Victoria & Albert museum, London, to create a piece for the DECODE exhibit at the Holon Design Museum, 2011. Around the same time he was selected for the Maamuta artist-residency program & won the artist encouragement prize from the Ministry of Culture.

As an active musician he composed electronic music for interactive, dance, theatre, video & film, and has been constantly playing live with a number of projects that released over 15 full length albums. His record label Heart & Crossbone [HCBrecords.com] has published over 50 titles. He currently teaches at the Bezalel Academy of Art & Design, Jerusalem, Holon Institute of Technology, and Wizo College of Art, Haifa.

DAY-DREAM [001-0XX] archived: Day-Dream.com

interview [2014]: Erev-Rav

link to: ex-hib-its blog

music projects:

Heart & Crossbone: HCBrecords.com

2016 – Artist residency at Bremen, Germany.
2016 – no-graphics group show, Vitrina gallery, HIT, Holon.
2016 – C/ABC trilogy group show, Binyamin gallery, Tel-Aviv.

2015 – Menorat Layla fest, temporary installation & performance, Tel-Aviv.
2015 – Nekudat Tsiyun, group show, Binyamin gallery, Tel-Aviv.

2015 – Sakata helikobtir video is selected for Norient festival & analyzed in the Seismographic Sounds book, Germany.
2015 – WHAT IF_, curated duo speed exhibit with Moran Fisher, Tel Aviv.
2015 – CHArt conference, peer reviewed paper accepted for publication & presentation, London.
2015 – RA106fm, Train-Travel-Trap [58min audio], Radio Art program curated by Meira Asher.
2015 – 40+08, group show, Be’er Sheba.
2015 – Topsy Turvy, group show, Central station gallery, Tel-Aviv.
2015 – DSTRB, group show/pop-up event, The Artist house, Tel-Aviv.

2014 – Anarchists Against the Wall, group show, Minshar gallery, Tel-Aviv.
2014 – like-plea syndrome, VIDEO+, video art exhibit, Helena Rubinstein Pavilion, Tel-Aviv Museum of art.
2014 – MFA Haifa University final exhibit at Haifa & Tel-Aviv.
2014 – Hearat Shulayem, Jesus Hilfe, group show, Jerusalem.
2014 – Hecht Museum, interacting with the collection, group show, Haifa.
2014 – Psychic TV, Dreams less sweet, video collaboration, screening, BAM, NYC.
2014 – Numb com at, DMTV3, Los Angeles.

2013 – TAMA KAMA, group show, Haifa.
2013 – PRISM Break Up Exhibit, Eyebeam, New York.
2013 – Anarchists Against the Wall, group show, Minshar gallery, Tel-Aviv.
2013 – Machines of Passion, Hanina Art gallery, Tel-Aviv
2013 – Psychic TV, Dreams less sweet, video collaboration, Hazlett Theater, Pittsburgh.
2013 – Me’arot group show, Haifa University, Israel.
2013 – Wall Painting grant, Haifa University, Israel.
2013 – B.Y.O.B, beamer group show, Contemporary by Golconda, Tel-Aviv.

2012 – DEVICEs & Occupation Loop Triptych installation, Ministry of Culture prize winners group show, Petach-Tiqua Museum.
2012 – Numb com screening, Hollywood theater, Portland, as part of the plinkflojd project.
2012 – DAY-DREAM 020, INTERFUN – Speed Show, Tel Aviv.
2012 – 10.10.10, One Day On Earth, footage included in the first global documentary film, premiered, UN, New York.
2012 – Ceremonies & Rituals, Winner by Jury selection for the Magmart festival & included to the permanent collection, CAM, Casoria Contemporary Art Museum, Italy.

2011 – Artist Encouragement prize, Ministry of Culture, Israel.
2011 – DEVICE->interference installation, commissioned by the Victoria & Albert Museum, London, for; DECODE exhibit, Hulon Design Museum.
2011 – DEVICE performance, Menofeem festival, Jerusalem.
2011 – Formatology Exhibit, curator, Yafo23 gallery, Jerusalem.
2011 – Artist residency, Mamuta Art & Media center, Jerusalem.

2010 – DEVICE V08 [spring box], solo exhibit, Jerusalem sound gallery, Jerusalem.
2009 – Ceremonies and Rituals [triptych], Jerusalem Film Festival.
2009 – DEVICE-V07.09SB, video / audio installation, Sonic Views, group show, Kalisher Art Center, Tel-Aviv.
2008 – Occupation Loop Triptych, VideoZone 4, videoArt biannual, Tel-Aviv.
2008 – 27th Letter, ADC, group show, New York.
2008 – DEVICE V06, Nisui Kelim, group show, Tel Aviv, [Rabinowits Art grant].
2008 – Man with a Movie Cam, part in global remake, screened worldwide.
2007 – CCA Video Art fund, awarded grant, Tel Aviv.
2007 – Laptopia, Video Festival, Tel Aviv.
2007 – DEVICE V05, Eifo Haifo, group show, Haifa.
2007 – Trust, video Dance, The video dance biannual, Tel-Aviv.
2007 – DEVICE V04, Um el fahem gallery, group show, Tel Aviv.
2006 – DEVICE V03, Nisui Kelim, group show, Tel Aviv.
2006 – DEVICE V02, Nisui Kelim, group show, Tel Aviv.
2005 – The Knobs, Audio driven noise visuals DVD, New York.
2005 – DEVICE V01, Berashut Harabeem, group show, Tel Aviv.
2005 – RS vs CE live audio visual installation, Digital Art Lab, Hulon.
2004 – 05 live theatre: death in slippers [2004 Hamabada/JVP artist grant]
2004 – 56×56, traveling posters group show, Tel-Aviv.
1996 – 2004 DAY-DREAM.com, ongoing web project.
2004 – Hazofe, video installation, Tel-Aviv.
2003 – Famme Fatal, Music for theatre, first prize at Teatroneto Festival, Tel-Aviv.
2002 – C404 DVD, Experimental DVD project, New York.
2002 – Explora Kalisher, group show, Tel-Aviv.
2001 – Channel 13, Reel New York, Honorarium & show.
2000 – Philadelphia Science Center, commissioned installation & web project [NEA grant].
1999 – 2001 – MyCity BCCO Culture Center, Rio, Brazil, touring web installation.
1999 – Gasbook 7, Japan, commissioned short film titled “an Eye”.
1999 – Cyberarts show, Vienna, Austria, Mildew audio project.
1999 – Day-dream.cdr, released and added to the SFMOMA permanent collection.
1999 – Montreal Intl. festival of New Film & New Media, digital media installation.
1998 – Art Directors Club, Young Guns 98 show, New York.
1998 – Cellcom, Tel Aviv, Israel, commissioned installation.
1998 – Sound Clash, Tel Aviv, Israel, Electro Acoustics Mildew set.
1998 – Trans Hudson gallery, New York, live Mildew set.
1997 – Postmasters Gallery, Soho, New York, MacClassics exhibit.
1997 – Downtown Art Festival, New York, web installation.
1997 – Red Hot Aids Foundation, commissioned web installation.
1997 – Hot Wired RGB gallery, commissioned web installation.
1997 – Interdisciplinary Center, Tel Aviv, Israel, digital media installation.
1997 – Word, The Thing, commissioned art web site.
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