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José R. Alcalá is a media artist, curator, and researcher. Head Professor of New Media Art at the University of Castilla-La Mancha. Director of the Ibero-American Observatory of Digital and Electronic Arts. Director of ASRI; Art and Society; Research Magazine. Director of the MIDECIANT International Museum of Electrograph (1989-2018). Coordinator of Collections and Archives of Contemporary Art of Cuenca (2013-2018). Spanish Royal Academy of Arts National Award "for the innovations contributed to graphic art" (1999). Author of such the books as The skin of the Image: Essays on graphics in digital culture; Being Digital: Manual for converts to electronic culture; or Monsters, ghosts and aliens: Poetics of representation in cyber society.

Since 2021 José R. Alcalá is also board member of the Archive of Digital Art.

JOSÉ R. ALCALÁ (Valencia, Spain, 1960)
• Professor (Chair-since 2001). New Media Arts. Fine Arts Fac. University of Castilla-La Mancha.
• Director of MIDECIANT (Museo Internacional de Electrografía-Centro de Innovación en Arte y Nuevas Tecnologías / International Museum of Electrographic Artworks-Innovation Centre for New Media Art) of Cuenca (since its inauguration, 1989 until 2018).
• Director of the Contemporary Arts Archives and Collections (CAAC) of Cuenca (Spain) (since is set up, in 2013 until 2018).
- Doctor in Fine Arts. Politechnique University of Valencia. 1990.
• Visiting Professor. University of Idaho. Dep. of Art & Design. Spring Semester, 2007.
• Director of the LÚMEN_EX Digital Art Awards. University of Extremadura. (in its 2 editions: 2010 & 2011).
• Director of the Human Orbital Observatory of Gijón. International Biannual Festival of Electronics Art. Centro de Cultura Antiguo Instituto. Town Council of Gijón (Spain). Since 2004.
• Curator of New Media Art exhibitions, Festivals and Symposiums, National and International exhibitions like new media artist from 1983.
• Research projects leader for the European Community, National Ministery of Educación and Competitivity, Regional and R&D projects for enterprises like Epson, Apple, Telefónica, Richmond/Santillana, Canon, Xerox, etc., since 1992.
• 1999 National Award of the Spanish Royal Academy of Arts for MIDE’s contribution to the developing of new printing systems.
• Artist in Residence at the Tokyo Art Lab (Japan 1991-1992), granted by Canon Foundation in Europe.
• Member of Scientific Committee. Ciberart Festival. Bilbao. 2004.
• Participant at the Expertise Forum for Artistic Education and Communication New Tech. Council of Europe. Strasbourg 1995.
• Participant at the UNESCO Forums for Art & Industry organized by the International Tele-communication Unit (1996-1998).
• Writer and Art Critic & researcher of several national and international publications about Media Arts, Digital Arts & Culture, Digital Education, New Art Museum strategies, etc.
• Artistic and critic references (most valuable):
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José R. Alcalá
Facultad de Bellas Artes de Cuenca. UCLM
Campus Universitario de la UCLM, 16071-Cuenca (SPAIN)
Tls. 34-969-179115 (MIDECIANT)
Fax. 34-969-179102 /
Personal adress:
Av. Menéndez y Pelayo, 1, p.14-B.
46010-Valencia (Spain)
34-670113289 (Mobile)
Round Table “A.N.T la exposición como excusa – el Media Art Revisitado”. 19:00h at IVAM Museum, Valencia (Spain)

Round table at the IVAM Museum of Valencia (Spain) on the occasion of the exhibition “A.N.T. Arte y Naturalezas tecnológicas” which is displayed in the Punto Gallery, in Valencia (Spain).



José Ramón Alcalá (Valencia, 1960); Hugo Martínez-Tormo (Valencia, 1979); Bosch & Simons (Amsterdam, 1958 -1961); Solimán López (Burgos 1981); y Enrique Radigales (Zaragoza 1970).